Free Essay on Sexual Pain Disorders

Published: 2019-12-10
Free Essay on Sexual Pain Disorders
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Intercourse is an important component of human life and relationships in general. While this is possible, the process itself may cause problems in a couples sexual relationships because of the sexual pain disorders. Many studies have proved that most cases of sexual pain are prevalent in women, who often experiences such pain during the process of sexual intercourse. The actual causes of the sexual disorders are wide. Ideally, the most extreme symptoms of the sexual dissatisfaction in women re substantially associated with the sexual pain disorders.

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Causes of the Sexual Pain Disorders

The two fundamental common pain disorders include the dyspareunia and vaginismus. On a wider note, dyspareunia involves the persistent genital pain that emerges as a result of a penetration attempt by the male counterpart during the intercourse. Notably, a woman may feel the pain within the vagina or even deep within the pelvis. It is caused mainly as a result of the substantial vaginal infections, vaginal or valvular surgery, or results of the vaginal thinning especially when a woman is within her menopause. With a specific emphasis, the vaginal infections have the capacity to cause the redness, itching, burning or consequent stinging of the vulva. This condition is referred to as the vulvitis. Vaginismus, on the other hand, involves a recurrent or persistent involuntary contraction of a third of the vaginal muscles, which cause to a significant interference during an attempt of the male to penetrate.

Treating the sexual pain disorders

According to many urological studies, many women experience the pain for a variety of reasons, which leads to significant sexual dissatisfaction. Under this circumstances, the causes of the pain often emerge as a blend between the physical and emotional factors, especially when the problem is medical and is easy to diagnose. The treatment of the disorder, therefore, tends to be straightforward. Notably, the Hormone Replacement Therapy, which incorporates the replacement of both the estrogen and progestin, which are aimed at alleviating the vaginal thinning, vaginal dryness and the urgency that may otherwise and substantially contribute to dyspareunia. A vaginal estradiol that performs a low-dose estrogen is gaining popularity as an alternative technique to the estrogen that is administered orally. Recent medical studies have also found that the addition or administration of the testosterone to the therapy, when a woman is at her menopause, helps provide other benefits.

The use of antibiotics has also proved valuable in treating the dyspareunia problems. Ideally, these are aimed at treating the urinary tract infections resulting from yeast. Fascinatingly, once the painful conditions clear, the dyspareunia usually disappears completely. However, the infections of the chronic bladder do not adequately respond to the antibiotics.

Putting the sexual Dissatisfaction in perspective

Demonstrating lack of desire on the part of one couple or both leads to no orgasm, but are perfectly normal. Fundamentally, various daily stressors such as the financial issues, domestic matters, and the demanding jobs can take a major role in the sexual live of the human beings. Currently, lack of sexual is emerging to become a norm, which people need to inquire whether they are suffering from one or several dysfunctions specific to females. In an event where the dysfunctions are identified and diagnosed, the related psychological and physical causes. Since sexual dysfunction problem among the women is an underlying disorder, women suffering from it should just come out and accept to receive treatment from their medical doctors.

Laws and regulations of issues related to sexual pain disorder

Sexual pain disorder is an integral component of the sexuality, as a human characteristic. Various legal and regulatory approaches have been used to address the desire. With a specific emphasis, the Yogyakarta principles in Indonesia provides an outline of the international principles concerned with sexual orientation and gender. These policies sought not to create new laws, but to demonstrate the manner in which the existing laws applied to sexual minorities. Since sexual pain disorder patients require privacy, these rules provide them with the opportunities to determine the when and where to receive diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

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