Paper Example on Cybercrime and Cyber Terrorism Threat Assessment

Published: 2022-12-15
Paper Example on Cybercrime and Cyber Terrorism Threat Assessment
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Cyber crimes have and can still leverage the internet to execute traditional and modern crime such as illicit drugs trafficking, sex trafficking, and cyber terrorism. Cyber terrorists can use computer and networked information technology to achieve their political motivation aims such as severe disruption of the peace and tranquility in the society. Over the past two decades, the internet systems have been used to as a platform by cybercriminals and terrorists to organize their groups, communicate and identify their targets. The advanced capability of the internet allows the cybercriminals to target, plans and execute their action without being detected because their meeting is usually done online or on dark web.

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Key Judgments

The limitation of the cybercrime laws. The implementation and reinforcement of the cybercrime laws are affected by the fact that the cybercrime is conducted covertly and less often overtly. It is not easy to implement cybercrime laws with increasing legislation on data protection (Finklea & Theohary, 2019).

Issues that affect or present the accurate measurement of the cybercrimes. It is not easy to evaluate or assess the magnitude of the threats that the cybercriminals pose because then there is no way the homeland security can access the accurate data on the cybercrimes, cyber incidences. Getting comprehensive data on incidences involving cybercrimes is almost impossible because criminals are used multiple channels to communicate and commit cybercrimes (Harin & Plotnikova, 2018).

Most of the cybercrime data are self-reported and are not verified which means that the intelligence is not actionable. The fact that most cybercrimes targets individuals make them difficult to track because the victims may not realize that they have been victims of cybercrimes until it is much late or some may decide not to report the cybercrimes. These have been some of the main barriers to the effective assessment, evaluation and combating cybercrime (Makimono, 2015).


The united states have a lot of interest around the world. Howe, there are states that are primary threats to its interest. For example, Russia, Iran, China, North Korea and terrorists in the Afghanistan regions are major threats to the united states inters. Russia is a formidable threat and its behavior score is currently rated aggressive. Moscow has gained pro-Russia propaganda in Ukraine's and other eastern European counties. The fact that they have been performing provocative military carveries and training and sell weapons to counters that are hostile to the united states make them a major threat to the country's interest. Russians have spearheaded activities aimed at sabotaging the united states policies in Syrian Ukraine and this has contributed to the united state's conservation of the country as a major threat.

Iran is also another major actor that threatened the united states interest. Rated as aggressive and gathering, the country focus on nuclear power and its hard stance and provocative in enhancing nuclear power capabilities make the country one of the united states main threats. Iran is also perpetuating instability in Syrian to gain a better footing in Syria in readiness for attacking the united states interest. Iran backed Shia militias make its features in the list of the possible threats to the united states and the united states interest.

China is the aggressive threats to the united states interest in Asia., the country's provocative breakcore's scope is incited as testing which means that it reaches had been exceeding beyond the country immediate regions as the people's liberation army continues to engage in comprehensives exercise such assess live fire exercise east of China. Chains are also continuously conditioning probes of the Japanese air defenses and have drawn revokes from Japan and South Korea. Chinese are also engaged in cyber espionage which all threatens the united states interest around the world.

The terrorist threat is currently emanating from afghanis and the border between Afghanistan and Pakistani, even though the threats are currently labeled as testing, the terrorists' groups in the revision as Amaro threats because they continue to recruit others. It is also important to note that the number of terrorist acts in Pakistan declined and the number of fatalities in Pakistan that could be attributed be terrorist activities declined because different terrorists' groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan continue to compete for either recruit, territories as well as other resources.

Jihadists Threats

The united states are likely to continue facing more threat from the jihadist's movement. Currently, the jihadists movement are spreading across the world. They are actively recruiting new people, plotting more attacks in the major United States interested and spreading propaganda. The jihadist movement is no longer confined to specific Muslim countries because they have splinter cells in various start word locations around the world. One thigs is clear about the jihadist and their fights for dominance. The jihadists are identifying a new target and develop mg new strategies on how to hit their targets. All these developments are because of the changes that their support networks have evolved putting more pressure on them to prove that they are working. Jihadists are currently being supported by both individuals and organizations which means that with the support their behaviors must change and achieve their terrorist goals.


The United States must accept the fact that their threat and threats to their interest in other regions are growing, evolving and identifying the new target. The country is faced by both cyber threat and terrorists which means that the united states have to strategical use its resources to combat cyber cremains, and terrorists. While the increasing flow of the undocumented immigrants in the south part of the country is a major and urgent national securities issues. however, the united states being a major player in a global security must actively participate in detecting fraud before they occur. The homeland security should continue to use the resources it has and the intelligence to identify the patterns in the behaviors of these terrorists are cybercriminals. The homeland security through agencies can leverage intelligences such as the Human Intelligence (HUMINT) , Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT), COMINT, Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT), Imagery Intelligence (IMINT), photo intelligence (PHOTINT), Telemetry Intelligence (TELINT) and other measurement such as the measurement and Signatures Intelligence (MASINT), Electronic intelligence (ELINT) -, Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), and Program Management to help in gathering, analysis and sharing all forms of threat-related information among the state, local, tribal, and territorial (SLTT) levels


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