Plight of the Immigrants: Forced to Return to their Countries of Origin. Essay Sample

Published: 2022-04-07
Plight of the Immigrants: Forced to Return to their Countries of Origin. Essay Sample
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It has for a significant period now through our continued interactions with them become quite clear to me that our execution of the immigrants return to their countries is tumultuous to our country and their fate. Some of them end up in countries they honestly do not know or identify with merely for the sake of being their "Home country." I tend to think that once incorporated to the greatness that is the American state, and upon making it their home, they deserve a little much as protection and faith within this home as long as they ensure their continued productivity.

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Breakdown of the issue

A severe challenge has recently emerged from the return policy that has been set in place since the advent of the new presidency in the state. This is the fact that the system has come up to mean the forced or "coerced" return of even persons who have legally secured citizenship of our great Nation back to their poor, origin countries which they left in search of a better life. The same which is well provided for under the framework of international law (Guy Goodwin 1973, 194), has now come to be rejected with the claims that the influx of the immigrants into the US is the cause for Joblessness and high crime rates. However, the observable number of foreigners or immigrants in our state prisons is averagely 20 %( BOP statistics 2018). Thus, the security concern is more a fanciful excuse to implement this harsh fate on them. These persons are forced to return to countries they barely recognize. (Migration Info Source 2017)

Reasons for the return policy

As we've stated the return policy has been slowly but steadily implemented, and the idea behind it mostly has been the supposed hardships the immigrants pose to the country. These are threats related to security and the citizen's well-being coupled with the substantial tax implications they bring to the country as due to their joblessness, they are forced to live in public housing and live off welfare. There have been claims by politicians that the more significant majority of immigrants live on some form of protection thus a burden to the state. However, I wish to debunk this assumption as the Personal Responsibility, and Work Opportunity Reconciliation act of 1996 has indicated that refugees in asylum and green card or DV holders qualify for the system (Laura R. 2015). The other ordinary immigrants are in no way part of that system, but their labor does contribute to the welfare fund.

Also, the security concerns that I have already discussed and proven to be unreliable as the immigrants only form about 20% of the total number of inmates. And there is a chance that some are in that situation just because they are immigrants. They have stereotypes attached to this immigrant status and resultant from this is their unfair treatment and Marginalisation by authorities (Kathryn Griffith 2011). Thus, they find themselves in a predicament whereby their difference makes them targeted, and they face injustices unknowingly. This then results in the claims that they are contributing to insecurity.

Thirdly, as for the American born foreigners who were also threatened and targeted by this policy, the reason behind this was their use of the Americans social services. This is whereby they have been claimed to be "taking American Jobs" (Kathryn Griffith 2011, 24) or "Keeping American children out of school." This brings out the position that simply for lack of Nativity, they are not "Americans" and thus should be sent back to their country. More misplaced ideologies.

National support and integration

In my opinion, the immigrants have as much right as anyone to become part of this great nation. They may at will reside in any part of this country so long as they remain productive and active members of society and do not infringe on anyone else's rights. They should thus become integrated into the society at a faster rate to absolve them of that migrant status and they can become citizens. And that's where you as the head of the State Department have your work cut out for you. It is thus your duty, being his right hand, to ensure that our president and the other politicians understand the plight of these migrants and therefore support their integration.

It is more than vital for the country to adopt other forms of measures to have the quick integration and adoption of these migrants as soon as they prove their worth as citizens. Then it becomes our duty as a state to ensure their status as citizens is never challenged with threats such as these at any given time in future.

Registration and Documentation as a policy and government action

For this integration, the Government should apply itself and have the immigrants documented, not by giving them citizenship status, but for their accountability while within US Borders. If they ensure to have records of all immigrants then if necessary they can identify the non-productive immigrants and have them sent back home. Also in this sense, the immigrants will have a form of tether by which they will be controlled. If they are right, they are awarded permanent citizenship. If not and they become a menace to society, then as we have stated, the government will be justified to send them to their origin countries.

The Assisted Voluntary Return policy

As opposed to forced returns and threats thereof, the government may instead employ the use of a program whereby they coordinate with the home country to return immigrants home. This will be at the immigrant's will. Many immigrants after finding life hard in the US attempt to make ends meet to be able to travel back home. If the situation is dire, they end up on the streets or as criminals. They also work menial jobs to afford the trip home. The government through the state department could reach out to these individuals and offer them a way home.

This will go a long way in avoiding the violation of the policy of Nonrefoulment which is the global practice that calls for not forcing people back to countries where their liberty or lives would be in danger (Migration and Info Source 2017). Thus, as a result, they will be willingly resettled home and if not, allowed to live in the US on condition they prove their worth.

Further Study

For the suggested alternative policies, there is need to continue my work within the state department to ensure that the government is actually in a position to help these individuals relocate back home or integrate into the American society. Also, to understand the situation of the immigrants themselves, it would seem prudent to conduct interviews to know their view on this policy and if the alternatives I have suggested would suit better to their plight. The discussion would need to consider both the successful and the poor immigrants to gain a clear and concise view of their stand


The forced returns of individuals to their home country was one of the harshest measures adopted to improve the American Economy. Its application is tantamount to avoidance of these immigrants' rights. Where their only mistake is being foreigners in a country that is not too welcoming, it seems a heavy burden to bear to simply uproot their lives from these homes and ship them off to a place they left for good reason. Thus, it would be better practice for we the government to create a system whereby they can be supervised and made sure to adhere to the state's policy and be productive in their new dwellings. The supervision will go a long way in also ensuring they do not resort to crime and thus pose a threat to this new home.

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