Block Chain Use in Making Government Decisions

Published: 2022-12-06
Block Chain Use in Making Government Decisions
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The UAE government is one of the most technologically advanced institutions in the world. With more investment in research and the use of technology in all of its operations, it promises to deliver the best services to the citizens (John, 2019). Currently, there are measures in place to ensure that the masses are delighted; the ministry of happiness provides that government services are top notch and meet the required standards. However, more can be done; incorporation of artificial intelligence into government services means that processes can be automated, queries can be handled much faster and follow up can easily be done (Trenwith, 2019). With artificial learning, it becomes much easier to perfect what has been happening. The proposal creates a link on how block chain technology can be integrated with artificial intelligence to help perfect government operations.

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Block Chain Technology and Artificial Intelligence in Making Government Decisions

Traditionally, government information has always been held on databases, with only a few people having access to it. With the introduction of the block chain technology, it will be possible to have the information created by the public, have it on public forums and make past data accessible to the public while still intact. The application of artificial intelligence will see that the information collected is right. With machine learning, it will be easy to ensure that the right information is collected, trends are determined, and future prediction is done.

To implement the technology, the government will identify the various sectors that are available in the public domain and also not critical. They include energy, education, health, transportation, water, environment traffic, and technology. Critical services like security and religion should be left to the top decision makers as they can cause public disorder. People and organizations within the sectors will be identified and be included in the chain. With the functioning block chain in place, essential decisions and ideas can be brought into the sphere for public participation.

An ideal application of the block chain technology would be in decision making. Assume that there is a need to move to clean energy sources since it is the trend worldwide. Majority of the citizens may feel that the decision to move need to be implemented soonest. However, there are people in the management position of big oil mining companies who may use their power and influence to deter the move for some years since they stand to benefit financially. The decision will have a huge impact on the citizens since they do not directly benefit. In such a scenario, the public may vote anonymously on whether to move to clean energy through the use of block chains. Additionally, the final decision reached will be in the public domain and thus not open to change thus more transparency. With AI, it will be easy to determine trends and help decide what is best for the government.

Why Apply Block Chains in Government Decision Making

Decentralization in Decision Making

Before the creation of block chains, a centralized database stored all the data. The data was open to manipulation and favored personal interest. However, the decentralized data will ensure that all the information is in the public domains. Transparency is not possible since people are not able to approach the centralized decision maker. Furthermore, essential decisions are not reached by the enlightened masses. However, decisions are made by a few people who may be biased in what they do.

There is much transparency in decisions while maintaining the privacy of the decision maker. In block chain technology, there is little direct contact between the decision makers; therefore, it is possible to make an independent decision. In most cases, they remain anonymous since a unique username is assigned to them. Therefore, when looking into a user's history, it is possible to view the decisions made over time and the impact that they have on the nation. Artificial intelligence can help identify experts in certain areas. For instance, it may help determine the users who are good in energy or health-related matters, and therefore assign more weight to their decisions regarding their fields of specialties.

The immutability nature helps ensure that decisions reached by individuals cannot be altered. Imagine a procurement department official who verifies a transaction; the verification will remain on books for a time to come. In case there was any disparity on the transactions, the data will easily be backdated and identify the culprits. The system is essential in public finance since all transactions will be identified and verified; moreover, the public can raise questions regarding disparities.

Peer Application of technology

According to Forbes Magazine, Singapore is a leading technological hub; it is an ideal role model for technology enthusiast in Asia. Much can be learned from Singapore adoption of technology and use in its operations. Currently, there is a wide application of police bots to patrol and catch criminals. Essential services that need security are also done through the use of bots and drones (Capri, 2019). Security has been improved as the police can have a real-time feed of what is happening on the ground.

In Beijing, a social rating system will be in place by 2021. The system even though disgraceful will employ the use of technology to monitor the citizen and award them accordingly (Ma, 2019). With the system, it is easy for the government to ensure law and order and reduce the strain on the security forces. Tracking of human actions is possible through CCTVs, internet, and mobile networks. Through the use of artificial intelligence, the ranking will be done and help determine the social ranking of an individual. In this case, block chain and AI will not be used to limit citizen's action, but rather to enhance the government performance through the collection of ideas and anonymous public participation (Capri, 2019).

Essential Frameworks to Be Implemented


The framework entails the control of objectives for use in information technology. It focuses on the management of information technology by creating controls and the required governance in information technology (Julie, 2019). In the government adoption of block chain technology, COBIT will be essential in the identification of government goals, determine the strength of the objective and help define the target state.

ISO 20000

ISO certification of the program will be a lengthy process. For it to be approved, a change in management practice is to be created, document the entire process and ensure that all the weakness within the system is addressed. ISO certification is an expensive process, and once it is approved, the two governments will be the first in the world to make use of block chain technology in administrations (Julie, 2019).

Implementing the Framework Budgets

Creation of Incentives

To implement the use of block chain in governance, there has to be the creation of incentives. The step entails obtaining consent from various stakeholders and makes participants aware of the objectives of the program. Leaders, key decision maker's professionals should see the applicability of the technology in governance. Therefore, all that will be required of them will be to approve the final results from the system.


Training is an essential step in ensuring that everyone is aware of how the system works. Block chain is a relatively new technology that many people may not be aware of. By giving proper training, it will be possible to verify that every potential user is at par with how the system works. Moreover, it will be easy to roll out technology when it's finally approved. Peer Review

The stage entails checking what other nations are doing. Peer review will also look into how block chain has been used in governance and the possible benefits likely to be derived, the cost and potential repercussions. At this stage, the exchange of information will occur, and the success of the system will be determined.

Technical Committees

The committees will comprise of people from different professionals and backgrounds. They will offer their opinions on the system and determine the possibility of success. Be ensuring that they hold regular meetings; a decision will be reached weather to implement the plan or hold trials.

Final Approval

The technical committee will decide whether to roll out the plan the estimated cost of the rollout and if to roll out in phases. They will also create a financial estimate based on the required technology.


Block chain use is quite versatile; it is evident that it can be used in nearly all fields of life. In public administration, the technology can be applied to ensure anonymity but enhance inclusivity. Backed up by AI, it will be easy to determine the best alternative decision in running nations affairs.


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