Essay Example on Ratification of a Constitution

Published: 2019-06-06
Essay Example on Ratification of a Constitution
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Ratification of a constitution in any given country is intended to be of great benefit to the country. However not many always support it. As it is nature, human beings do not like change; change is always resisted because of fear of the unknown and lack of trust. Some resist change because of poor communication for change where there is no good communication channel to explain about the change which is bound to take place. Lack of trust in the new change takes part in resisting change. A high percent of the people who are against change is because of misunderstanding the need for change, this is especially to those who believe in the current way of doings things or the routine. In this case of Federalist V. Anti-federalist, I would support the Federalist in ratifying the constitution as change is for the good at times especially when it comes to the bill of rights as it is not necessary as it is limited to the government and not the people. Support of ratification of the constitution by the Federalist, means that some laws that they felt did not favor the people would have to be amended and ratification would lead into smooth running of the country. Ratification of the constitution gives more power to the government to make accurate and right decisions for the betterment of the country and its citizens at large. With the government being powerful than ever, decisions which are in line with the national goals can be highly achieved. This is because; opposition party sometimes can cause underdevelopment of a country by opposing every move made by the current government. And with this power, the Federalist can develop the country without any of their wise decisions being opposed unnecessarily

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Ratification of the constitution makes the government accountable to the people. Although this gives them more, it also means that they are totally accountable to the people. It set up all the necessities of the government ensuring that law and order which govern the country is maintained, setting out the rights of the people because when people are aware of their rights, they can fight for them. Ratification of the constitution would bring all the states together as one unified state improving their relationship. This would in turn improve the economy of the country because when people are stable, they can work adequately and give notable results which would be of advantage to the citizens and the nation at large. Support of ratification of the constitution would establish the principles of how the government would operate effectively by keeping the nation on the right track. It would also address the problem of the weak central government that did exist under the Articles of Federation and would also help in addressing issues in foreign policy.

The federalists led by Alexander Hamilton, argued that the constitution did not need the bill of rights, which limited the people instead of protecting them. On the other hand, Anti-federalists opposed the constitution claiming that the new system threatened liberties and failed to protect individual rights. Ratification of constitution, would lead to more power to the government and in return threaten the sovereignty of other states.

In conclusion, supporting the federalists means that there is more power to the government which gives automatic power to do away with the bill of rights. More development to the country is bound to take place either economically, socially and politically. Anti-federalists should embrace change and support the constitution as it governs all the operations of the country, maintaining law and order.

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