Compare Jamaican and American School Systems in a Free Essay

Published: 2017-12-28
Compare Jamaican and American School Systems in a Free Essay
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What is a school system

A school system refers to an establishment purposed for the provision of education; it is inclusive of the equipment and teachers who help children course their way through predetermined curricula. Different countries prefer different school systems for its school going children. This paper is going to give invaluable insights on the difference between the United States’ education system and that of Jamaica’s with respect to pricing, performance, and global weighting among other things.

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Jamaican vs American schools

Jamaican schools are stricter while American schools are more lenient; this is in terms of workload, rules and regulations, timelines for assignment submission, and penalties among other things that a student is tasked to do by teachers. The reason why the Jamaican system is deemed stricter is because more is expected from students within a very short period of time and that little opportunities are available for one who is not educated. On contrary in America there are more opportunities for an individual who is not educated in America than in Jamaica.

In Jamaica, corporal punishment is used by teachers in some schools, but in the United States, a teacher cannot lay a hand on a student. In fact even yelling to a student is a very serious offense. The constitutions of both counties prohibit corporal punishment but in Jamaica teachers punish students. Surprisingly, the parents even advocate for it.

In the United States, it is much more expensive to take a child to school vis-Ă -vis in Jamaica. All the same, the cost of education in both of these countries is lower in the public sector.

Plagiarism is undesirable in both American and Jamaican schools, but the issue is more serious in American institutions. In Jamaica, plagiarism becomes more serious at the post-graduate level, but the system is more lenient at the undergraduate level. In the United States plagiarism almost definitely amounts to discontinuation.

A degree garnered from the United States is “weightier” than a degree obtained from any Jamaican college; this is because there is a preconceived notion that the education system in America uses a more hands-on approach as opposed to Jamaican educational institutions. In Jamaica, some institutions manage to afford world class facilities, but some do not, subjecting students to an overtly theoretical syllabus. In a nutshell, there are similarities and differences between the American school system and the Jamaican school system, but the differences outweigh the similarities.

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