Essay Sample on Racism and Injustice in America

Published: 2023-08-24
Essay Sample on Racism and Injustice in America
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“Sir, I can't breathe." This is probably the most commonly used phrase in the United States today in light of George Floyd, an African-American citizen who lost his life in law enforcement. The past couple of days have been characterized by protests across all the fifty states condemning racism and injustice in America. Let’s face it when the last time when all the 50 states came together to address a common goal, all bearing the same interests was? This is a clear indication of how deeply rooted racial based discrimination is in our American society and how much this has affected the minorities. It has been said that "Racism isn't getting worse; it is just being filmed." Probably, had the video of George Floyd not surfaced on the internet and social media sites, all would still be okay. Racism and police brutality could still be thriving as it has from time before.

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The circumstances in which George Floyd lost his life are condemnable and against basic human rights. The controversial video showing a police officer kneeling on George Floyd's neck surfaced. There have been a dozen other videos that have been shared on social media, depicting similar circumstances. This, therefore, shows that racism and social injustice are widely prevalent in the United States. Minority communities have been subjected to unfair treatment that needs to be brought to an end and see every individual get access to equal and just treatment according to the law.

The ongoing protests and peaceful demonstrations across the country are legal and justifiable in every aspect. Citizens have the freedom of expression and moral and civic duty to call out the vices they see in society. However, while most of the anger may be directed towards the police officers and law enforcement, it is necessary to uphold the fact that not all police officers are bad and involved in breaching human rights. Some officers have remained committed to the course and served the people diligently. As we condemn those who have fallen short of these obligations, it is necessary to avoid generalizations and give credit where it is due. As a result, the citizenry should continue to commend police officers who have continued to uphold the law and serve all the people indiscriminately.

While too much freedom may get abused, protestors should ensure that they keep their activism in check. Looting and property destruction is not a solution to anything. Tomorrow when all this is over, we still need our shopping centers, businesses, and other infrastructure that has faced destruction in the protests. As our economy tries to recover from the blow that was passed by the Coronavirus pandemic, let us take into account the dead horse theory. A Mongolian adage says that; "when you realize that you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount." Our country cannot take any more blows. But we can make America great again by following the correct legal procedures to address our grievances.

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