Medical Surgical Nurses: Information about the Academy and Its Values

Published: 2019-10-04
Medical Surgical Nurses: Information about the Academy and Its Values
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The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN) is a single Nursing organisation devoted to providing nurses with of medical-surgical nursing practice. Involvement in AMSN enables one to face the nursing professional career that awaits them (Russell, 2009).

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AMSN mission is to facilitate the development of nursing skills for future nurses and nursing professionals:

To relay the ethics and standards of the nursing professions;

Connecting and mentoring students on how to be competitive and licensed registered nurses.

To officiate and develop qualified nurses through the promotion of skills required in the nursing profession so as to be responsible and accountable members of the nursing fraternity.

Create and prepare future nursing leaders to guide others in the profession.

Champion and contribute to advance learning in the nursing field.

Our Main Goal

To brand and produce world class nurses that can work and perform competently in any given environment.

Reasons to Join the Organization: Key Features and Specifications Valued by Students

Unique Networking Opportunities

Joining our organisation grants you access to other professions in the nursing field. Connecting with other professionals in the nursing field is very crucial as you stand to benefit from gaining professional advice and opportunities that lurk in the competitive nursing industry.

High Level of Education

The nursing field is driven by science and technology which is always in rapid change. The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses organisation prioritises their members to make sure that they are in the know with the changes that affect the health care. The team provides you with continuous courses that will keep you up-to-date concerning with your practice. As required by the state licensing board that insists on one to undertake continuing education (CE) our organisation provides their members with CE activities at a reduced price (Pittman,2007).

Annual Convention

The organisation is a well-recognized professional entity that gets an invitation to various major conventions. We get an announcement to attend major conferences at a discounted rate which mean our members get to enjoy such privileges too. These meetings provide our members to meet with other professionals that are in their line of work too.

Unlimited Access to Academic Resources and Products

Joining our organisation guarantees our members to gain access to the online resources such as the continuous education materials, certification review material, and the newsletter just to mention a few. Our organisation is all about providing their members with the best services and resources why we offer a discount on life, professional liability, and auto insurance as well as special credit card offers. We also provide our members with peer-reviewed monthly clinical articles that contain relevant research basing on various specialities.

New Career Perspectives

Our organisation strives to ensure that its members are attached to the best employers in the medical field. When you are looking for a new job, our websites which are only accessed by the organisation members provides you with exclusive openings, opportunities, and advice. It doesnt even have to be a job hunt to click on the website but rather keep a constant check on the website facilitates career-related knowledge boost on the latest trends. The website aside from providing job opening, it also offers reviewed job salaries and benefits to help you gauge your current earning potential (Douglass, 2012).

Access to the Academy Website

All nursing associations possess a website where the public can explore and learn more. In the same way, we have our customised website that spells out our duties, mission, and vision. We also have members the only login is exclusive to the organisation members only.

Certificates Recognized Worldwide

Being a recognised entity, we provide certificates that are renowned worldwide by any medical association. On presenting a certificate from our organisation, you show that you are a committed to your professionalism and that you are a distinct nurse ready to practice anywhere across the globe.

Basic Data for New Members

Contact Information

3654 Sunset Avenue

Malone, New York, 897554.

Tel 566 566 2345 (toll-free)

786 676 8905 (phone)

FAX 645 243 4657

Membership Requirements:

21 years and above

Active members: Registered and licensed

ii) Active members: Licensed Nurses or Vocationally licencedNurses or the Internal equivalent, dedicated or enthusiastic with delivering health care to the public and shall be able to hold office and vote.

iii) Associate members: Ongoing learners related to recognised educational system licensure as a Registered Nurse or vocational nurse. Partial members arent allowed to vote or vie for positions at the national ranks but on local chapters.

Iv) Affiliate members: People allied with the health care industry who endorse the mission and vision of AMSN but do not meet the necessities for another membership category. Affiliate members cannot vote or vie for office at the National level but may play roles on National Committees (Luke, 2010).


We commend the work done by AMSN for producing and shaping outstanding medical professions who promote Health and Wellness and Disease Prevention, as this is part of our mission statement, National Nursing Network Organization (Twist, 2011).

AMSN has continuously proved to be able to deliver qualified nurses in the medical who can perform and outshine their colleagues, National Black Nurses Association.


Learning how to overcome our weaknesses:

i) Discover and accept your shortcomings.

Ii) Ask, learn and correct your setbacks.



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