Grad School Application Essay, Free Example for You

Published: 2018-02-07
Grad School Application Essay, Free Example for You
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Personal Statement for Graduate School

My choice to pursue further education in speech and language pathology is drawn from my past experiences as well as my desires or objectives towards establishing my career in the same field. Based on this analogy, I humbly submit my application to your reputable organization for enrollment consideration. As I mentioned, my past has shaped my present desires and future goals in developing knowledge around speech-language pathology. As a child, I grew up with a nurse for a mother who I believe is my inspiration towards helping others. In that regard, my exposure to the hospital environment begun early in my infancy and I have been fascinated with the hospital environment since.

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On one occasion, I had the pleasure of visiting the pediatrics department when my cousin was born. I immediately felt drawn to the creativity on the walls that included paintings of cartoons and letters of the alphabet among other childlike appeals. At that moment, I knew I wanted to work in a children’s hospital when I became of age. To date, my path towards the realization of my objective of working in a children’s hospital is gradually taking shape and coming to realization.

For instance, for my practicum, I had the privilege of administering amblyaudia therapy to children with dysphagia. The experience gave me fulfillment in the sense that I was helping people who had difficulty in speech and swallowing. I, therefore, gained a rejuvenated drive towards accomplishing greater heights in assisting similar children faced with variations of swallowing and speech disorders. Given an opportunity to study the course, I am confident that I will have set myself on the path to the realization of this objective. It is my belief that everyone has the right to express themselves and that as human beings we have a duty and responsibility to facilitate and ensure that all enjoy that right.

Speech Language Pathology Education

Notwithstanding, I am equally aware that swallowing and speech disorders are as different as the individuals who they affect. To that extent, not one single solution can be applied to all which brings to the fore the concept of specialized treatment or therapy for individuals. I endeavor to dedicate my knowledge and skills as a pathologist towards providing patients with personalized care that meets their needs. To achieve my goal in this, I acknowledge that the course will be instrumental in equipping me with the necessary knowledge and skills to accomplish my objectives as a pathologist.

As I mentioned earlier, my inspiration for applying for this course is hinged on my aspirations to become a pathologist. Further, it is also my intention to become a good pathologist who will take a keen interest in individual communication needs of persons exhibiting swallowing and speech disorders. I am particularly interested in helping children since the genesis of speech and swallowing disorders begin early in childhood. To that extent, I intend to continue on the path of knowledge and skill development that would adequately equip me to work in a children’s hospital and cater for the needs of children with swallowing and speech disabilities.

I am confident that an acceptance of my application to your reputable institution is the critical step that will take me a notch higher to the next step in my career objective. With those remarks, I humbly present my application for your consideration. I intend to work hard to succeed in my studies once admitted, and after graduation, I will commence dispensing the knowledge that I would have gained to the world. Specifically, I will pursue a career as a pathologist specialized on children’s needs.

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