Air Pollution Essay Sample

Published: 2018-02-26
Air Pollution Essay Sample
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Air pollution control

Air pollution is the introduction of harmful substances into the air. Every country has its own policies that must be enforced to control air pollution. The USA is one of the developed nations with large populations that may cause higher levels of air pollution. Common air pollutants produced include greenhouse gases, smoke from industries, and smoke from vehicles. However, it has developed technology to mitigate high levels of pollution. The techniques used include the use of public transport, regular car check-up, banning ozone depletion gases and using green technology.

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Public transport help to reduce the number of vehicles uses in transportation. This reduces fuel consumption and the level of smoke produced in burning fuel. Regular car check-up ensures that vehicles are in good conditions to burn fuel efficiently producing less carbon monoxide gas which is a greenhouse gas. Another important technology is the use of fuels that pollute less like ethanol gasoline. The higher the content of pollution the lesser the production of greenhouse gases. ( CNBC LLC, 2017).

According to US Department of energy (2017) the biofuels produced from ethanol reduce carbon IV oxide emissions by up to 40 %. Similarly, those fuels produced by use of cellulosic fill stocks reduce emissions by up 108%.

Ban of ozone depletion gases such chlorofluorocarbons and refilling the already depleted layer is the best techniques that many developing countries cannot achieve. In the industrial sector, USA has developed green technology which is environmentally friendly. The green technology involves the use of science and technology to protect the environment. It involves activities like recycling gases, air purification, and conserving energy. Greenhouse gases are recycled back into the system leading to zero emissions into the air. In cases of little emissions, the air is purified using advanced techniques such as ultraviolet germicidal irradiation and air cleaners. Energy is conserved to prevent exploitation of more carbon fuel. Carbon fuel conservation leads to protection of trees to which act as carbon sinks for greenhouse gases. Lastly, USA give funds to less developing countries to help them reduce air pollution which is globally based and not viewed as a local environmental issue. This helps developing countries improve their atmosphere preventing emissions of harmful gases which might create spreading effects. It has also supported a number of conferences to create awareness to less developed countries and supporting training activities for teamwork eradication of air pollution as a global environmental issue. Additionally, it employs and enforce policies that prevent air pollution and including penalties in cases of violation of these policies.

In conclusion, USA produces high levels of air pollution but has well-developed techniques that help to solve the same problem. The mentioned techniques such as the use of less polluting fuel, use of green technology, air purification, and recycling should be encouraged to for maximum mitigation of air pollution. On the aspect of the production of the US has capitalized on both ethanol and cellulosic biofuels. This has enabled the reduction of pollution within the country and is a sure way of eradicating green-house gases which are the major pollutants.


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