Free Essay Example on Cat Grooming and Vomiting

Published: 2022-08-24
Free Essay Example on Cat Grooming and Vomiting
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Cat Grooming

The cat groomed itself. It was interesting to watch because this is their way of cleaning themselves up. If a kitten is well groomed by its mother, then it learns to groom itself. This hypothesis can be tested by observing how a weaned cat licks and washes itself. There are some reasons why cats groom including maintaining healthy skin. Licking and washing for cats stimulate the production of sebum at the base of each strand of hair to make it waterproof and shine (Stella et al.,2013). In the process, loose and dead hair is removed together with dirt and any parasites. However, excessive grooming like licking a painful area bald may indicate that the cat is experiencing emotional or physical distress.

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Spreading the saliva on the fur can produce a cooling effect when it evaporates in hot weather (Stella et al.,2013). If the fur is well groomed, then it can be fluffed to allow the skin to have air circulation. Each cat has its grooming ritual, and this one is not any different (Stella et al.,2014). The cat began licking its face followed by its forelegs and shoulders before washing the genitals, tail, hind feet, and hind legs. It used a dampened forepaw to wash any unreachable areas and always dampens after every few scrubs. Depending on which side the cat was washing, it switches the forepaw it used to clean. Mutual grooming between friendly cats is important because it helps to scrub the head and neck regions which are hard to reach (Stella et al.,2014). Other than having a hygienic purpose, this can be considered as a social activity that expresses companionship and comfort for kittens (Stella et al.,2013). Displacement grooming, on the other hand, is a sign of relieving tension and fear or uncertainty in reacting to situations. It helps cats to deal with conflicts and self-medicate as a way of distraction from the event. This can, however, lead to excessive grooming in the form of chewing and biting on the fur coat which leaves the cat with bald patches on their bodies. In addition to this, grooming can lead to the formation of hairballs in the digestive tract which the cat vomits after a while. Cats should be groomed by their owners regularly to check for any of these bald patches so that they can seek medical help. However, they should take safety precautions because many cats are uncomfortable with tools.

Cat Vomiting

It was interesting to watch the cat vomiting a hairball because this was the first time this happened. If a cat grooms itself regularly, then they are bound to have hairballs in their digestive tracks. This hypothesis can be tested by observing any gagging, hacking or retching. Hairballs can potentially be fatal when the intestinal blockage causes a lack of appetite, diarrhea, lethargy or constipation (Cannon, 2013). They are very unpleasant and uncomfortable for the animal let alone be disgusting for the person who has to clean up. Every cat has tiny hook structures on its tongue which catch loose or dead hair from its body (Cannon, 2013). Most of this hair passes through without any problems in the digestive tract, but the remaining pieces combine and form a hairball. The cat then tries to vomit the hairball where it passes through the narrow esophagus reducing it to a thin tube of hair (Cannon, 2013).

The cat under study is Persian, and so it is a long-haired breed. Consequently, it sheds a lot of hair especially during seasonal changes making it prone to getting hairballs (Cannon, 2013). Other reasons for excessive intake of hair are increased grooming because of skin irritations and abnormal behavioral issues. Skin irritation can cause the cat to chew on its fur coat leaving bald patches on its body (Stella et al.,2013). In other cases, anxiety and tension can lead to increased licking in search of comfort in uncomfortable situations. When combining with intestinal issues like motility disorders, neoplasia, and inflammatory bowel diseases, hair blocks the gastrointestinal tract and increases the discomfort that the cat feels (Stella et al.,2013). Persian cats that are groomed regularly through combing or brushing end up with less loose hair which ends up in the stomach. Some cat foods are specialized to reduce dead hair and improve how the digestive system works (Cannon, 2013). This can be supplemented by hairball laxatives that increases the chances of hairballs to pass through the tracts. In addition to this, cats that are involved in enjoyable activities like playing with fun chewable toys are less likely to lick their fur coats. Older cats tend to be more adept in grooming and should be closely watched. In most cases, these hairballs block the food passage such that the cannot ingest any food and can choke while trying to feed.


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