Free Essay on Promoting Diversity, Sustainability and Justice Values in College

Published: 2019-06-24
Free Essay on Promoting Diversity, Sustainability and Justice Values in College
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Diversity, sustainability and justice are fundamental aspects of any civilized society. Sustainability is the capacity or the ability to maintain something. Others define sustainability as taking what we may require today in order to live peacefully without risking the potential for other people to meet their needs in the future. Justice on the other hand is a value that requires one to treat others in fair manner as required by the law. Diversity refers to a situation whereby people living together differ in their cultures, socio-economic status, ethnicity, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs and many ideologies. The concept of diversity does not only recognize and understand the uniqueness and differences in individuals but also seek to respect and accept them. Any successful holistic community should strive to build an inclusive society that understands and recognizes all these values in order to create a sustainable conducive and an inclusive environment that promotes social justice in the diverse society we are living in.

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Science has played a key role in ensuring sustainability in the society since the industrial revolution. Issues such as global warming occur because of industrial processes and affect all people from different cultures. In ensuring sustainability, there is need to address the issue of environmental justice by the use of scientific research and innovation. Moreover, the growing rate of globalization has posed greater challenges in ensuring sustainability across different multicultural societies. The application of science and technology in ensuring sustainability must be done in a manner that promotes justice in the current diverse cultural society. Human beings are dependent on the environment for food, shelter and development and thus this creates the relationship between social sustainability and environmental sustainability. Furthermore, the world economy relies on the natural resources that are within our environment if we cannot sustain the environment, it will be difficult for to us create an economically sustainable society. Science therefore, must play a big role in promoting sustainability through research and innovations that aim at creating a better environment not only for the current society but also for many generations to come

In high school, I had a passion in the science subject, my involvement in various science activities such as congresses and symposiums made me a better science student who liked solving problems through science. For instance, I was engaged in projects that provided alternative solutions to human life without bringing negative impacts on the environment and the society. These programs made me understand deeply the need of science in creating sustainable social, economic and environmental development. Scientific research and practical applications forms the basis of providing solutions for the challenges that face the modern diverse cultural society in a global perspective. I would like to promote research and innovation in my college career life in order to counter the problems facing our society today.

Justice is an important value in promoting sustainability in the society. Diversity brings about complexity in the application of this value, as all human rights deserve respect. This is directly linked to social dimension of sustainability. This can be looked at in terms of what is legal or illegal. The modern global challenges present unique situations that require international collaboration in order to prevent the persisting environmental and human abuses. Scientific and technological advances need to be encouraged but they should operate under the rule of law that guarantees respect for human rights. Scientists and innovators are expected to bear responsibility for their actions in order to avoid situations that could lead to an ecological imbalance and to ensure sustainability in its holistic nature.

I intend to bring social justice engagements in the science classroom as a science student. There is need to embed a social engagement in order to create a society of scientists who can be able to present varied perspectives on how scientific research and innovation can promote social justice across the world-wide multicultural settings. My in-depth understanding of science grants me the opportunity to make a difference in the society. In my high school life, I understand about the values of ethics. These values are necessary in promoting social justice. My engagement in community outreaches, informative and educative workshops taught me how to be a responsible individual in terms of environmental preservation and conservation as a way of promoting social justice in service for humanity.

In regard to diversity, I understand the need to recognize and integrate different cultural groups in ensuring fairness and justice. For instance, My high school comprises of students from different cultures and this has enabled me to appreciate cultural diversity and its potential in promoting social sustainability. Besides, my boyfriend is an immigrant from the Philippines. As a result, I have learned a lot about other cultural values and diversity from him. This has cultivated in me the virtues of understanding and tolerance. Furthermore, I am able to accommodate different ideas and opinions. Diversity enhances a stronger democratic and just society. We can only be better scientists if we are able to understand the diverse nature and needs of our multi-varied cultural societies so that we can provide the best sustainability solutions that are just to all. For example, the college administration and students should support diversity as it also provides a great opportunity to get ideas and strategies of ensuring sustainability and social justice. Finally, the college needs to focus on creating a supportive environment for student from diverse backgrounds by provision of mentorship, networking, professional and educational development opportunities in an attempt to ensure justice in inclusiveness in the learning process.

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