Essay Sample on Information Assurance Reflection

Published: 2023-03-06
Essay Sample on Information Assurance Reflection
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I find the Information Assurance (IA) concept interesting especially because we are in the information age where the development in technology has made the use, transfer, and storage of information important. I came across IA when working as an intern in a renowned multinational corporation that had customers across three continents the management had the task of ensuring that information in the headquarters and that from other of its branches in different countries was protected when being used, stored, processed, and transmitted. Information assurance ensures that the availability, integrity, confidentiality, non-repudiation, and authenticity of user data are protected (Whitman & Mattford, 2019).

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I found information assurance to be an important part of the organization since it ensured that information was available to the right people, at the right time, and in the right form. An international organization transacts a great volume of information, especially relating to the market, industry, and customers. The management hence requires to be assured that the information they will access through the company's information system is authentic, confidential, accessible, and of high integrity (Blyth & Kovacich, 2013). This will allow them to make informed decisions that answer to the needs of the company and enable it to meet its goals and objectives. I learned that IA is important to a business since it raises information utility to authorized users and limits it to unauthorized users through the tools of trust management, system safety, and risk management (Kim & Solomon, 2018).

The key lesson that I took from information assurance is in increasing its five pillars to ensure that the credibility of information systems is enhanced. Availability ensures that those who use the information can access it whenever needed, integrity ensures that modification and accessibility to information systems are only by those authorized, confidentiality promotes confidence in the information and systems, while authentication ensures that information is only accessed by those who are authorized. Also, I learned that risk assessments are necessary to help the organization identify any areas of vulnerability and find corrective measures (Zekos, 2014). Information assurance is hence an important component of a company's transactions and ought to be given the attention it deserves.


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