Ethical Pressures Essay Sample for Everyone

Published: 2022-02-24 15:29:01
Ethical Pressures Essay Sample for Everyone
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There are various pressures that managers usually face in their workplace. These pressures are Employment issues, employment discrimination, Privacy, Performance appraisal, cash incentives, and plans. These pressures usually bring about the issues of dilemma specifically to the managers when it comes to the matters dealing with decision making on what should choose to be right. The paper will, therefore, discuss ethical pressures that managers experience in within their organization.

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Employment issues

Managers usually face the pressure of employment issues, especially during the time of hiring of workers at their workplace. He will be faced with a dilemma on whether to hire friends or relatives.

Employment discriminations

Most of the people who are working alongside managers do cause a lot of pressure into the workplace. Managers face this pressure in the event, such as trying to decide on how to assist his employees whenever they have gone wrong without displaying any form of discrimination to them.


The privacy that usually exists between the employees at a certain organization is also another pressure which hinders the work of the managers. Managers are not able to access all the information about their employees since most of them keep their secrecy (Drumwright, Prentice, & Biasucci, 2015). This challenge of privacy can be drawn from the situation whereby the employee may have AIDS. As a result of managers not being aware of the health status of their employees, they will be faced with a dilemma on how to identify those who are infected with a disease such as AIDS and also how to administer treatment to them.

Performance appraisal

Performance appraisal is used in an organization where there is a high level of ethics adherence amongst the employees. Performance appraisal might be present in a certain organization, but managers may also be in a dilemma specifically when it comes to the issue of assigning rates to their employees. Managers may tend to offer higher rates to the employees who may be seen to be underserving it rather than sharing equally to all the employees in their organization.

Cash Incentives and Plans

While addressing cash incentives and plans, it deals with issues such as basic salaries and annual increments. On the part of basic salaries, managers will encounter pressure on the increment of wages to their employees to ensure that their employees remain working alongside with them (Rhodes, & Wray-Bliss, 2013). Managers will, therefore, be forced by the unavoidable circumstances to offer higher salaries to their workers even if they are not supposed to do so. For an organization to manage and attain ethics in their workplace, they should adhere to effective communication, for instance, the use of polite language.


In conclusion, managers and employees should strictly adhere to etiquette when they are offering services to each other to enhance effective communication. Also, managers should offer support to their employees whenever they are in need to make them provide better services.


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