Free Essay on Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Pseudotumor Cerebral

Published: 2023-04-05
Free Essay on Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Pseudotumor Cerebral
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Various misconceptions and beliefs have been developed as people try to understand intracranial pressure, well known as Pseudotumor Cerebral, causes of the condition, and health effects to patients. Most frequently, these beliefs remain obscure as they lack medical and experimental standpoints to which clearly explain. The speech gives a detailed analysis, therefore, enhancing an accurate understanding of the condition on causes, symptoms, effects, and treatment. We shall start recapitulating the basic introduction and principle facts linked to the disease.

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According to medical professions, Pseudo Tumor is a disorder that develops as a result of high pressure in the brain leading to headaches and vision difficulties. The signs are related to brain tumors, thus given the term "pseudo." The condition develops when cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the spinal cord and the brain accumulates unusually in the brain. Accumulation of the fluid is caused by increased production or reduced fluid absorption process. Massive intracranial pressure may lead to enlargement of the optic nerve, causing headache and vision loss.

The audience needs to apprehend various facts related to this condition. Medical specialists have asserted on the fact that some medications may increase the development factor of Pseudo tumors such as oral contraceptives, steroids, and common antibiotics. The disease can occur at any age but commonly affects women in the childbearing phase, especially those who are obese. Pseudo Tumor is classified into three stages, which include; Acute stage where the symptoms appear instantaneously after a stroke or head injury. The second category involves the chronic phase, where symptoms develop over a period as a result of an underlying health problem. The third stage category includes idiopathic, implying an unknown cause of the disease.

Pseudo Tumor is characterized by various signs and symptoms, which might include; Severe and frequent headaches that sometimes develop behind the eyes, which does not necessarily imply this condition. The patient may develop a whooshing sound in the head with a pulsing rhythm to the heartbeat. Another symptom involves a feeling of nausea, dizziness which may be followed by vomiting. The patient might also develop vision problems such as difficulty in seeing sides, double visuals, and light flashes. The condition might also cause neck, shoulder, and back pains in the advanced stages. However, these symptoms may characterize other health complications; hence the patient is advised to seek further diagnosis and other medical precautions before concluding the problem.

Medical examinations and diagnosis play a significant role in identifying Pseudo Tumor before developing to advanced stages, which may lead to total brain damage to the patient. In diagnosis, the doctor may perform various tests, which include; CT and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans. The doctor also performs a spinal tap, which involves fluid removal samples form the spine to perform medical tests. The patient might also be subjected to various exams through observation to test on the visual ability. After presenting the required diagnostic tests, the patient is subjected to treatment, which can vary based on the root cause of fluid in the skull. Some treatment options for the disease include; weight loss plan to help control obese, limiting watery and salty diets, spinal tap surgery to remove excess fluid and medications such as diuretics to remove excess fluids.

The speech aims to create awareness on causes symptoms and treatment methods of Pseudotumor Cerebral to people. Besides, the disease may result in long-term health complications such as poor vision leading to blindness. Therefore, suitable measures and treatment programs should be initiated early enough before the condition worsen to control health problems.

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