Paper Example: Learning Styles Based on Dunn and Dunn

Published: 2023-08-31
Paper Example: Learning Styles Based on Dunn and Dunn
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Kenneth and Rita conducted various studies basing on learning styles and achieved 21 learning styles. Therefore, three of Dunn and Dunn’s learning styles that seem vital are environmental, physiological and emotional. The environment implies the internal and external surroundings that may affect the learning progress. For instance, light determines the learning progress because some people prefer to learn during bright light while others are comfortable at dim light. Temperature also influences the learning style. For example, most individuals prefer to study in a conducive environment that is away from extreme temperature, rainfall or wind. Also, design affects the learning style since people may prefer a comfortable place like table room, bed or any other area. However, adverse environment like a poor classroom setting, changes in the climates or lack of learning materials may affect the learning process. Therefore, friendly environment boosts the studying process among the students.

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Secondly, physiological acknowledges the importance of senses in the learning process. Various people may learn through visual, taste, olfactory, tactile and auditory. For instance, most learners learn well through the use of visual aids like diagrams, images or pictures which can be used during demonstrations (Bosman & Schulze, 2018). They can utilize charts, diagrams, graphs, as well as other visual stimulation to obtain information. It is easy to visualize outcomes, plans and objects to give appropriate directions. Auditory learning styles enables the learners to study well from what they can hear or listen. So, various people might excel when they remember visual aids like diagrams, pictures or maps. Auditory learners need to hear to understand the instructions or directions. They may also employ reading and listening skills to sort the information that is provided to them. Tactile or kinesthetic learners enable the students to engage in their physical activities instead of watching demonstrations or listening to the instructors. In most situations, typing or writing information may assist one to retain information. Also, smells brings strong memories, unlike other learning styles.

Accordingly, emotional implies the motivation, task persistence, structure and conformity or responsibility. Emotions determine the kind of learning style the students may demonstrate during the studying environment. Emotions may also entail the inner drive that motivates a person to partake in a particular task through regulating feelings. During the learning process, learners are advised to understand the need of emotional regulations to establish appropriate relationships or interactions among themselves. For example, good learners must have self-motivation towards particular subjects. Also, learning requires one to be persistence in knowledge because it is a continuous process. So, it is the responsibility of learners to understand the methods or techniques that are appropriate in the learning process. Therefore, learners should understand how to express their feelings or emotions to achieve or succeed in the learning process.

Time of the day implies the appropriate hours that a person feels comfortable to involve in their daily activities. Some people may work well in a particular time, while others may not. To achieve adequately in learning or academically, students should determine the best time they can retain more information. Thus, basing on Dunn and Dunn’s learning style, the appropriate time of the day is morning hours because people are alert and fresh to engage in the learning process. According to various studies, students should learn during morning hours because their minds are fresh from the information or task (Klitmøller, 2015). It is easy to retain more information in the morning, unlike the evening or afternoon. Also, morning hours provide a conducive environment for study because the temperature is cool. However, some people may study well during evening hours and retain more information, unlike other times of the day. So, people need to choose a convenient time for them to engage in the learning process.


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