Pressure on Girls to Have Perfect Bodies, Media Influence Essay Sample

Published: 2019-06-19
Pressure on Girls to Have Perfect Bodies, Media Influence Essay Sample
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The media plays an important role in changing the perceptions that people have regarding certain aspects in the society. Some of these aspects include issues such as the creation of a given standard of beauty that everyone has been made to believe. It makes them believe that there is a given state o perfection that they should try to attain for them to conform to the societal standards. Technology has been the biggest contributor towards these aspects making people strives towards the illusionary form of beauty. While the situation affects all genders, it is evident that girls have been the biggest victims in this situation where they constantly live under the pressure of wanting to attain that state of perfection.

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One of the main reasons why girls are under pressure to attain perfection is the fact that they tend to emulate celebrities they see in movies and other forms of media. The celebrities as presented appear perfect and without blemish. They have the perfect body, slim and slender. Their beauty is almost perfect due to the amount of expensive make-ups they have applied. When young girls see these pictures, they pressure themselves to work towards that form of beauty. Little do they realize that it takes much money to maintain such a glamorous lifestyle that will accord them such a perfect beauty. The pressure that comes along with such striving is evident in the case where young girls depict symptoms of stress and other psychological stress when they fail to attain such perfection.

Girls are so much under pressure to attain a perfect body because of the illusion that has been created by popular media that slim is the perfect body. This is evident in the manner in which girls even take the time to forego meals in the name of slimming. It is a misconception that has been created after watching too many Hollywood movies, which have constructed an image of perfection. They assign those with almost perfect bodies heroic roles as compared to those with large body sizes. The ones that have large body sizes are given roles that only serve to present the ridicule they have in the society. The pressure is too much for young girls who grow knowing that beauty lies in having a slim and slender body as they have seen with the likes of Angelina Jolie and other glamorous Holly Stars. The young girls who in any case inch towards such bodies feel very good and confident about themselves. Those with large body sizes pressure themselves hard and have little self-esteem due to the feeling of unattractiveness they develop through comparisons.

It is also evident that there is too much pressure for girls to have a perfect body size and weight. For instance, their body changes in size when they are approaching puberty and some of them have reported as not liking how their bodies turn out. They believe that they are too big or fat because of the changes. The effect of this is to live in fear of being branded as not attractive by the society. They thus pressurize themselves by either going to the gym or even tending to eat healthy or not at all in the name of attaining the perfect beauty. The activities thus show that there is much pressure for them to aim towards the perfect body that will make them feel confident about themselves and even overcome being subjects of bullies.

It is thus evident that the society has created a social construct that defines and create standards of beauty. The images and clips in popular media propagate this notion to young girls who believe that there is a perfect body and beauty. They feel confident if their bodies are inclined towards it and depressed when it deviates from the standards. This shows that there is much pressure for them to attain that perfect body.

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