Henry Ford: Pioneer of Auto Innovation & Worker Rights - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-11-14
Henry Ford: Pioneer of Auto Innovation & Worker Rights - Essay Sample
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From a young idealistic mechanic passionate in working with automobiles, Ford is depicted as one of the early innovators, that transformed and reshaped the world of automobiles. Through the establishment of the Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford, entrepreneurship skills and tactics reshaped the automobile industry, not only through his iconic and detained need for cars but also for pioneering the transformation and reshaping of the workers, their wages. While many industries paid less attention to improving the wages of the workers, Henry Ford saw an entrepreneurship opportunity of helping meet the demand of his business through reshaping and improving the workers’ working conditions (Kevin 2018). While Henry Ford remains to be one of the early philanthropists that reshaped the American society, Madam Walker, is considered as one of the black women who transformed the African society from the white supremacy and negligent of white companies from caring about the blacks and their beauty. Madam Walker’s Wonderful Hair Grower marked the beginning of a revolutionary idea that not only transformed her financially but would later offer job opportunities to millions of Americans, especially the black. Thus, this easy seeks to critically elucidate how Walker and Ford remain to be one of the historical entrepreneurs that reshaped American society.

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Madam Walker’s Entrepreneurial Concept

Despite surviving the brutal Jim Crow era, Madam Walker rose to the pinecone of power and controlling her multimillion investment, which would later be renown as “Madam Walker’s Wonderful Hair Grower.” Walker rose from the ashes of poverty through investing in what many American companies had failed to saw as a rising opportunity. According to Bundles (2020), the concentration for developing whites’ products was on higher demand, a concept that increased many companies are focusing on one single direction. Products designed for the black community were less, leaving the blacks’ market unexplored.

Walker’s investment in hair grower formula opened chances not only to the American community but also to a diverse range of blacks and other investors. As a result, she paved the way for black women, oppressed by numerous factors, including unfair compensation and women being paid less than men in their fields. As a result, her entrepreneurship concept not only offered a new product that could serve the blacks market but brought change to the working place.

Ford’s Entrepreneurial concept

Henry Ford is considered as a visionary entrepreneur, that brought a series of investments and championed the improvement of working conditions in his automobile company. According to History.com Editors (2020), Ford transformed his ideas and experience he had gathered working as an engineer at Edison Illuminating Company in Detroit. Ford’s passion and dedication that led to the production of his first Model T marked the beginning of offering standard and affordable vehicles to American consumers. While the need to feel the demand of the market continued to increase, Ford is considered as a philanthropist on his ideas to benefit not only his increasing customer base but rather offer affordable services and working environment to his employees. As a way of increasing production, Ford’s idea in reducing the working hours from 9 to 8 a day, and the increase in salary from $2.34 to $5 a day, proved to be one of the ingenious moves in the firm (History.com Editors, 2020). On the contrary, Ford incorporated a new mass-production that could meet the swelling demand. Moreover, he incorporated these methods, using standardized interchangeable parts, leading to the first moving line for cars


In the bottom line, the Madam walker and Henry Ford’s entrepreneurship skills are among the historical revolutions that transformed American society. Even though Ford received numerous criticisms on his ideological views regarding the Nazi and opposing WWI, his invention and early start of the Ford Motors Company ensure that that American’s could afford domestic cars, not to mention job creation. On the contrary, Madam Walker, having emerged from a series of oppression and a brutal regime that oppressed the black, managed to become an entrepreneur, and a reliable job creator, that not only provided work but offered a better working environment for her workers.


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