Bucket Essay Sample

Published: 2022-04-05
Bucket Essay Sample
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As a middle school student, I have set many goals to achieve. The first one is to ensure that I develop an academic mindset. A positive attitude and belief are important in learning. I aim to be positive minded. I will also ensure that I increase my school determination. I will encourage engagement in behaviors that benefit me. I also want to learn how to learn. I will do this by directing and monitoring my learning. Another goal is mastering the core academic content. It will help me to transfer knowledge from one situation to another. I will also seek to work collaboratively with other pupils. I will communicate well with others and also learn a second language.

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As a high school student, I want to have good character. Also be personal responsibility, and initiative in my morals and behavior. Leisure is a key factor in learning, and I want to utilize it well by engaging in worthy activities such as art, music or recreation instead of taking drugs or other unbeneficial things. Also, I desire to develop awareness, be engaged in communal activities and be concerned about what it requires for social and moral development. I aim at improving my academic performance and get a good grade that will take me to Harvard College. I will work hard to be an educated and responsible citizen who has enough knowledge of national and international uniqueness. In high school, there are pupils from different cultures. I will study the many cultures and see the positive side of all of them so that I can learn to appreciate them. Students go through hard times all the time, but the teachers do not always understand. I will read hard to gain knowledge that will help me understand the current problems that affect students on a personal level. Talents are important especially because there are groups that a student is supposed to join such as music, art wildlife, and many others. I plan to know my interests and talents well so that they can help me later in life.

There is nothing I want more than going to Harvard University. I desire to be a fruitful person in society. I will need some goals to help me attain what I want. Taking a more difficult course is important to boost my course. I will also make sure I equip myself with life skills. I will look for a course that interests me outside my degree program, and this will encourage me to move out of my comfort zone. I will also join an extracurricular organization, visit the career services center and have a perfect G.P.A. At this age, I will be a fully grown-up person, and I could be working while am still in school. I will look for a good job or put up a business that I can run by myself or ask for help from friends and family. Because I will not be staying with my parents anymore, I might not always cook, and I may eat a lot of junk foods on the streets. This is the one thing I don't want because I want a healthy body. I will make sure to eat a lot of fruits and nutritious diet. After college, I would like to begin my masters as soon as possible.

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