Post-University - Free Essay Sample

Published: 2023-12-03
Post-University - Free Essay Sample
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What are services that the Post University offers beyond learning?

Learning is the integral goal of students enrolling in higher education, so they need to offer an academic endorsement. Regarding the learners' wellbeing, instructors may boost learner's retention by introducing counseling services. According to statistics, around 70 percent of students who attend counseling agree that personal issues affect their academic achievement (James, Swan, & Daston, 2016). Based on the research question, the Post University has not created a learning environment that reiterates entrepreneurship since negotiation and networking skills acquired from workshops and career centers make students successful. Hence, this research question will ascertain services that Post University could provide students to encourage them to enroll the course in great numbers, such as starting or expanding a business or engaging in other crucial activities that adds life's value.

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Do Post-University Measures Track Students' Activity?

Learners must portray the disenchantment or disengagement signs before they attempt to drop from school. For example, they may fail to attend classes or submit assignments and course work late. It becomes challenging to keep track of learners' performance, mainly when handling thousands across various schools. However, the digital platforms that are Persistence Plus (Automation retention software) enable the universities to give seasonal support to the learners who are striving. Various studies have shown that such tools increase students’ persistence almost 6 percent who may drop (Weeden & Cornwell, 2020). Thus, from this research question, Post University has not created the opportunities that engage Alumni because some lose the opportunities due to poor academic performance. Therefore, the Post University board of directors needs to introduce automation retention software that could measure every student progress to ensure they continue with their learning irrespective of challenges.

Does the Post-University Create Opportunities that involve Alumni?

Enrolling higher institutions courses can be time-consuming and expensive because students desire to know the truth after graduation. In this digital era, individuals rely on peer endorsement and reviews, so alumni can increase awareness of university among the public that concerns learners. Graduates who enjoy success are valuable ambassadors of a university. Therefore, the institutional board of directors needs to introduce a mentorship program to improve learner’s retention rates and involve alumni. So, the research question will determine whether Post University has created an avenue for learners to interact with alumni and understand teaching systems and required courses the institution offers.

Does the Post University give Online Forums to the Students?

The emergency of the internet that is social media has made the universe connected. Social media sites like Facebook enable like-minded individuals to interact and discuss the challenges that surround their lives. In higher institutions, the platforms are vital for the learners to create relationships outside the lecture or classroom setting. Different researchers indicated that not all learners study the same manner since some may remain silent in lectures while taking notes (Johnson, Stewart, & Bachman, 2015). Online networking has made students to proceed with their learning at their convenient time or work closely towards a project through swapping knowledge from various minds. Social media also enables instructors to reach learners by posting questions, revision materials, or inquiries. Hence, the research question will determine whether Post University has emulated the internet, particularly e-learning, allowing students to learn online at their convenient time.

Does the Post University Recruit Competent Lectures who can Provide Quality Learning to the Learners?

Competency instructors provide quality education that makes learners succeed in both academic and career levels. Poor leadership could affect students learning because they misuse funds leading insufficient learning materials and working staff (Weeden & Cornwell, 2020). The Post University has not been recruiting competency lecturers who could offer quality university because students are defeated by other peers during job interviews. Therefore, the research question will determine why Post University has not been sensitizing other essential services that learners can apply in life situations.


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