Free Essay with Job Description of Accounting and Auditing Department Manager

Published: 2019-06-25
Free Essay with Job Description of Accounting and Auditing Department Manager
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Upon retirement of the outgoing accountant, Accounting and Auditing Department manager, OILIVIA limited has an open job opportunity. OILIVIA Ltd. Deals with manufacture of oil products in global scale. Aspiring new accountants are being sourced to replace the long service James Michael as the accounting manager in the accounting and auditing department. OILIVIA has had a long history of integrity in all its financial operations to its investors and customers. It is wise therefore to recruit a well-qualified accountant to manage its financial operations. Accounting being a very important part in the daily operation and future growth of the company, the job will specifically be reserved for chartered accountants. These shall be shortlisted and scrutinized for competency to fit the demanding position. The winning individual is expected to be proficient in much more than technicality, personality as the priority shall qualify the winner. This is due to massive challenges that the accountant manager is expected to face in handling a very critical department of a very large global organizations (Hilton, 1959).

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Chartered accountants are individual that have successfully completed all the accounting requirements recognized globally and certified as qualified accountants. Their main duty is to audit accountants and provide trustworthy financial information. They edit and update financial records of a company. They offer financial advice to the management in making decisions. As the accounting department manager the accountant is expected to be involved in managing financial reports, auditing, forensic accounting, taxation and business insolvency. They play a very strategic role in business development and growth as they provide services aiming to maximize profitability in an organization. Working as a part of the employment force they are expected to receive employment salary instead of fee charging as a basic chattered accountant client. They are also to adhere to all rules that apply to all the executive employees of OILIVIA Ltd.


The chattered accountant working as an Accounting and Auditing Department manager, the chartered accountant is expected to carry out the following duties in OILIVIA Ltd. They are to manage financial systems and budgets. Supervise financial audits in the company. They will also provide consultancy services to managers when making financial decision through financial advices. Set and continuously update measures to detect and prevent any possible financial frauds. They will periodically manage OILIVIA systems review and risk analysis. The manager supervises accounting records maintenance. He or she should also minimize company tax liability and increase its returns in every financial year. They are expected to be involved in the process of setting and launching new products by offering financial expertise, advises and recommendation (Hemphill, 1959).

As the manager of the accounting and auditing department, the manager are generally supposed to supervise their juniors I carrying out their daily activities. They however are also expected to be display transformational leadership in their department. It is their duty to ensure continuous development and improvement in their department. Personal responsibility shall be accounted on the manager in any case of underperformance or misbehavior from any of the employees under his or her department. The mangers shall be exempted from approving and involving in employee training programs in their department but are allowed to do so at their will. They shall be personally responsibly for presentation of financial reports in every financial year during general meetings. They shall also be responsible for recommendation of changes in company financial transactions for improvement. They are to manage and report on all the accounting and auditing departments from the foreign braches to the stakeholders, owners and high management and relevant boards of the company (Hilton, 1994).


To qualify as the shortlisted or winning accountant, one must have acquired certification or be a chartered or certified accountant. This is specifically limited to the ACCA professional body. They should have graduated from a well-known university that is among the high ranking universities in the globe. The individuals should have a GCSE Grade A-B in English language and Mathematics and A-levels or equivalent. They should have maintained a good record of their academic excellence at 260-300 UCAS points and a first class or second-upper class degree. They should be sufficiently skilled with integrity, self-motivation, analytical and accounting skills and also up to date with information technology skills and knowledge (Park, 1994). Interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills will be emphasized as key qualities for qualification. High standards of personal and ethical principles are recommended for the position.


Before joining fully the workforce of OILIVIA Ltd the chartered accountant chosen to be the accounting and auditing department manager shall be engaged in a contract of one year to train and familiarize with the business models and operations of all branches of OILIVIA. This shall include mentorship by the outgoing accounting and auditing department manager. They shall then assume full management responsibilities of their positions. The manager is not limited to working hours but expected to be engaged in a minimum of seven working hours each day. They shall enjoy full accommodation and housing from the company. They shall also enjoy investment benefits as it is required that they invest in the companys employee development projects. They shall receive a salary of $100000 monthly and accompanying salary packages of medical insurance and other allowances stated in the employee contract form. The manager is expected to adhere to official dress code and work ethics at all times.


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