Free Essay. Othello is Good and Evil

Published: 2023-04-20
Free Essay. Othello is Good and Evil
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Doing evil and good is not absolute. Evil demonstrates itself when one forgets their moral boundaries and give instincts away beyond their control. In the Othello book, Shakespeare introduces Othello as a brave courageous and honorable soldier. Iago is a two-faced person who is manipulating everyone around Othello so that he can prey on his good nature. Iago uses Othello's trusting personality to bring him down. Although most people believe that Othello is an evil man, Othello is not evil, it's only circumstances that pushed him to do what is evil. Othello is a good man.

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Othello is evil in that he kills his wife Desdemona because he is jealous and believes that Desdemona and Cassio do have an affair, who is his lieutenant. The anger and jealousy do not allow him to make an informed decision but instead fall prey to Iago's manipulation into believing that his wife has an affair with Cassio. The other thing that makes Othello evil is his pride. He is so proud of his appearance and his achievement that the allegation of his wife having an affair affects him deeply. He always wants to be looked at as a perfect person who does what is right, and when things do not add up, he is deeply hurt, and his anger drives him into killing his wife. Othello's pride comes to the surface when he asserts himself as "honorable" even in the murder, which clearly shows that he is blinded with pride. However, Othello is not a bad person; circumstances are the ones that push Othello into doing evil.

Othello is a good soldier and a good man with morals. His charming love and eloquence make Desdemona fall in love with her to the extent of eloping with him. His discipline and morals make him raise the racks and becomes a senior in the military. Duke of Venice, who is Othello's superior, allows Othello and Desdemona to live together despite Brabintio's protests. The Duke also sends Othello to Cyprus to battle the Moors. From the kind of support Othello receives from Duke, it's a clear indication that he is the right person; that is why Duke supported his marriage and even sends him to war. The senators also support Othello's marriage. Senators in the play are men of authority, men of order. Othello also answers them on matters of war. Receiving such support from people of such a rack clearly shows that indeed Othello is a good person.

Othello, who was black, rises through the racks to be where he is. It's only through dedication and sacrifice that can enable one to raise that far. Being well cultured and mannered, he faces Brabintio's at the senate when he accused him of using magic to woe his daughter. Othello tells the senator that he is ready to face the law if found to have used magic and be charged even if it is execution. Othello also shows his selfless nature when he decides to postpone his honeymoon to make sure that Desdemona only came to him when it was safe to do so. Even in his death, we find Othello committing suicide because of his wrongdoing. The guilt in him was so strong that he had to end his life. It's only people with conscious that can suffer from such guilt. People without guilt may live a normal life as if nothing happened. Therefore, it clearly shows that indeed Othello is a good person

In conclusion, it can be asserted that truly Othello is a good man. All the evil that happened was because of the provocation that targeted his manhood when allegations about his wife's infidelity arose. Any person can be genuinely hurt by such claims, and when one acts out of anger, one can do what is evil.


Shakespeare, W. (1890). Othello: The Moor of Venice.

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