Essay Example: Portfolio Entry for Aggression

Published: 2019-08-28
Essay Example: Portfolio Entry for Aggression
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Apparently, violence is increasing by the day continuously leaving bad dents in peoples lives. Despite various efforts to reduce violent behaviors, combating the issue has been a huge challenge. People are violated in different ways, one of them being aggression. Daily activities influence children's aggression levels, and measures can be applied to deal with the situation.

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Aggression can manifest itself in the use of physical means to attack an individual and cause harm. People get attacked through the acts of pushing, hitting and punching among others. Verbal aggression is also a form of attacking someone. It is represented by saying or writing hurtful things to a person with the intention of threatening them. Another way of carrying out aggression against a person is by harming their emotional feelings. Destroying a persons property inflicts emotional pain leading to aggression. A mental form of aggression takes place when an individual who is mentally ill, harms themselves. In some instances, mentally ill people attack and harm people without theiir knowledge (Arehart-Treichel, 2008).

Biological factors drive a person to engage in aggressive behaviors. Women are less likely to participate in physical aggression compared to men. Women engage in verbal forms of aggression in most of the cases involving them. A persons upbringing may also influence the way they behave. An individual brought up in an aggressive environment is likely to be driven to engage in violent and aggressive acts (Anderson, 2008). Mental illness may drive people into aggression hurting themselves and others as a result. Low IQ is also known contribute immensely to aggressive behaviors. Some uneducated people tend to believe that violent acts express power. Societal factors may also motivate a person to engage in aggressive behaviors. Societies that have beliefs and norms supporting aggression will mold a person to become aggressive in life (Arehart-Treichel, 2008).

Daily activities in childrens environment drive them to become more aggressive in life. Media exposure is available through television, internet, movies and songs. The messages portrayed by some of the media channels are always aggressive and result in children copying the behavior. Children who are exposed to domestic violence become more aggressive in their lives compared to those who are not (Arehart-Treichel, 2008). Parents who fight in the presence of mentally ill children drive them to more aggressive behaviors. Another way children increase their aggressive behavior is by witnessing or being victims of bullying at school. Teachers who verbally abuse children become agents of raising antagonistic children. The society needs to promote a peaceful environment, to stop children from being aggressive. Educators and parents should avoid being aggressive in the presence of children (Anderson, 2008)

The advertisement in the picture above reflects physical aggression against individuals. It relates to this paper as it helps in the creation of a mental picture of the vice and its effects in the society (Alexandru, 2010). The portrait depicts a self-serving bias as the perpetrator is motivated to inflict pain without taking into consideration the feelings of the man.

As highlighted, the various kinds of aggression in the society are physical, emotional, mental and verbal aggression. Different motives contribute to aggressive behavior among individuals. They include biological factors, the environment a person was brought up, mental illness and low IQ among others. Some daily activities drive children into aggression and may result in addiction. They are: exposure to the media, domestic violence, witnessing and being victims of bullying. Another means through which children become aggressive is encountering of teachers who are verbally aggressive. Aggression is a disease and individuals should seek medical attention to reduce cases of the violence.


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