Research Paper Example about Bullying

Published: 2018-04-03
Research Paper Example about Bullying
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According to the text, types of aggression in adolescents include relational aggression, which affects the relationships of one with others and physical aggression, which pertains physical assault and hitting among others. Six key features distinguish bullies some, which include negative social relations between them and their teachers as well as with other students, a belief in the importance of violence as well as the social environment of their family. Some of the other characteristics include the lack of abilities in positive perspective taking, hyperactive, dominative, and impulsive and over reactive behavior as well as little achievements in their academics (Shek, Keung Ma & Sun, 2011). To this effect, two types of victims exist one who neither resists bullies nor reacts against them and the other who reacts and therefore, revenge against the bullies. (125 words)

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It is evident that bullying is a persistent issue in the world. It follows that in America, about 79% of boys and 83% of girls experience harassment in school (Engel, 2013). While about 6 to ten, teenagers report having experienced bullying in school. In addition to these, it is reported that about 160,000 schoolchildren refuse to go to school on a daily basis because of the fear that they will either be intimidated by other students or attacked by the same or even both. On the other hand, it is reported that about 35 percent of the children entering online communication sites are threatened (Engel, 2013). The ultimate effects of bullying include the suicide of a student as well as the dropping out of the bullied student. I believe the reason behind the death of these students pertains that bullying causes depression, which if not treated ultimately leads to suicidal thoughts and the actual action. It is evident that victims feel oppressed and helpless while the bystanders tend to have mixed feelings concerning the issue of bullying and bullies believe in violence. Despite all these staggering facts concerning bullying, it is noteworthy that 64 percent of the bullied children do not report when they are bullied. It should also be noted that many schools do not respond with the appropriate actions and therefore, this makes bullying a persistence issue.

Moreover, I believe that bullying continues because many parents of bullies tend to ignore not only the fact that their son or daughter may be a bully but also they tend to protect them in the belief that their children are not bullies and that it is a misconception. In sum, there is an evident need to ensure that bullying in schools stops to enable other students to live and learn in peace. Ways to stop bullying include standing up for victims, speaking up, and taking an anti-bullying pledge among others (, n.d). (322 words)


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