Pornography Research Paper Example

Published: 2019-10-07
Pornography Research Paper Example
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Pornography is the printed or visual description of sexual activities and sexual organs. Pornography is meant to stimulate and satisfy the emotional and sexual feelings of the person watching. Notably, technology has made pornography readily available on the computers and mobile phones or any other digital gadgets (Lindsay & Jacob, 2014). The media has also been blamed for glorifying pornographic ideas and making them accessible to the underage children. Many people watch pornography including the youths and the adults. In the society, pornography is regarded as a vice that people hate to discuss. People are not aware of how deep the effects of watching pornography run. Pornography affects people in various ways especially emotionally. The effect can be both positive and adverse (David,1992).

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First, pornography changes the whole perspective about sexual relations between partners. While for some people may just watch for fun, may watch to get an emotional and sexual connection with another person. Regular watching can lead to addiction where y the person often gets vivid images of the pornographic material and is unable to stop the urge of watching them every time (Paolucci, 1997). Research has shown that partners who watch pornography develop an unrealistic expectation about sex, which could lead to dissatisfaction if their partner does not do what they saw in the pornographic material. Generally, in the beginning, pornography may help in satisfying the emotional desires, but as the person continues to watch, the self-esteem is lowered, and the sexual feelings begin to go unfulfilled (Piers, 1993). When the sexual feelings are unfulfilled, the affected person changes how they relate to other people. In most cases, the affected person avoids social contact and prefers to stay in solitary. There has been an increase of individuals going for treatment where compulsive viewing of pornography has led to psychological issues (Lo & Wei, 2002).

On the other hand, reports indicate the increase of domestic violence due to pornography. Women are the most affected in this situation as their partners expect them to perform like the women in the pornographic materials, and if they do not fulfill their desires they get assaulted (Shope, 2004). Notably, if the partner is an addict, domestic violence tends to increase. Moreover, pornography increases immorality in the society (Piers, 1993). Studies have shown that the people who watch pornography regularly are morally depleted and tend to have some unaccepted social tendencies (Allen, 1995). Some studies have also indicated that rape cease have increased due to the menace of porn addiction. In an attempt to fulfill their fantasies, the porn addicts end up raping women. Nevertheless, studies have proven that pornography can be beneficial. Pornography has been used in marriage counseling sessions to improve couples sexual lives. Couples that have strained sexual relations are advised by psychologists to watch pornography together to improve communication and openness. It can also be used therapy to reduce the monotony of sex in marriages (Robert, 1976).

Studies have proven that watching porn with your partner can bring both of you closer together. This means that both partners become part of each other's fantasies and fulfilling them become possible. (Lo & Wei, 2002). It enables the two partners to connect well with one another since it promotes an environment that allows for openness and good communication between the two. Psychologists say that married couples who are facing problem in their marriage and watch pornography reduce the chances of getting divorced by a significant percentage. According to Robert, 1976, the pornographic videos remind couples of their emotional intimacy they one had for each other. Therefore, it is evident that pornography has the good and ugly side. On the ugly side it affects the social, emotional and sexual lives of the viewer and yet on the bright side, it helps cement the relationships that are breaking between married couples. With this benefits and demerits, the government should control the distribution of pornography rather than restrict it (Lindsay & Jacob, 2014).


I made some changes to the previous paragraphs to make some stronger points than I had done before. The introduction was too short. Thus, I added more content to introduce the concept and gave more related meanings. After that, I revised and made a strong thesis statement. Additionally, I added more information on the literature review and explained more about pornography. In the literature review, information on the positive and adverse effects of pornography was described in detail.

Notably, I used information from credible sources to logically capture the readers mind and help them understand the effects of pornography from different perspectives. I drew conclusions and gave recommendations on how to control pornography given its benefits and negative impacts in the society. Moreover, information was later arranged in a logical manner to ensure that the reader can follow and easily understand the concept of the essay.


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