Essay Sample on Five Communication Strategy Recommendations

Published: 2023-02-13
Essay Sample on Five Communication Strategy Recommendations
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Integrative bargaining commonly is also referred to as win-win bargaining or interest-based bargaining. It is one of the negotiation strategies that parties collaborate in finding a solution to their dispute based on a win-win situation. The approach concentrates on the aspect of developing a mutually beneficial agreement grounded in the interest of disputants. Integrative entails the ability to have the interests of the parties combined to create joint value. Integrative bargaining creates an environment that facilitates win situation to both parties involved (Kim, Park, & Kim, 2019).

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Ways that Sharon can make a positive first impression according to Lewis (2019), include but not limited to;

  • Being on time
  • Presenting herself appropriately noting that physical appearance matters.
  • Being oneself, in that way not pretending to be someone else, building trust and earning integrity and respect from people she meets.
  • Having a winning smile
  • Being open and confident, noting that body language speaks louder than words.
  • Using small talks to open conservation and keep it flowing
  • Being positive
  • Being attentive and courteous.

Examples of effective overt communication Sharon should use in negotiation include the use of clear verbal language (Buckley & et al., 2019). The conversation should consist of using body language, thereby gesturing the right way and having the correct facial expression when delivering the punchline.

As noted by Kavoura and Sylaiou (2019), the location for the negotiation session between Sharon and Alice should be a conducive environment to all the parties. Everyone should be feeling free to express themselves freely without any undue influence.

A situation when Sharon ought to use tacit communication and status when to use overt communication

Tactic communication mainly refers to the use of silent or soundless communication, including shaking of the head, nodding, gesturing or pointing without the use of verbal communication. Tacit communication can example used when signaling to warn one individual. Overt communication can be applied when addressing an audience or in a meeting (Kavoura & Sylaiou, 2019).

In conclusion, comparing the impact of overt and tacit communication, the difference is notable in that overt communication is explicit and an official form of communication. While tactic communication may be informal and commonly used to pass certain information uniquely.


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