Essay Sample about Politics in America Today

Published: 2022-04-06
Essay Sample about Politics in America Today
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The world of politics around the globe has taken various causes depending on the rules and the activities that govern a particular country over the years in shaping the nature of political layout experienced today. This essay aims at analyzing the current classification and divisions in American politics noted recently.

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Classification of politics in America

America consists of two main political parties, the Republicans, and the Democrats. However, it has other small political parties like the Independent American Party (IAP). The two main parties control the American government. The democrats fight for democracy in politics and leadership. It reaches out to attain equality in social and economic sectors. Currently, the Democrats stand in the opposition position in America due to the small number of Senate seats as well as having the minor number of seats in the House of Representatives (Hershey, n.p.). It has fewer state legislatures and governorships as opposed to the Republicans. On the other hand, Republicans began in the fight against slavery and economic reforms. Today, Republicans have American Conservatism as their underlying ideology, which contrasts the Democrats that believe in modern Liberalism. Republicans look forward to achieving deregulation, free-market capitalism, lower tax rates and establishing a stronger national defense system (Hershey, n.p.). Currently, Republicans own the bigger share of power in America, having Donald Trump, a Republican, as the President. Having presidency on their sides make it more powerful than the Democrats. It has 32/50 of the state legislatures, more governorships, House of Representatives and the Senate when compared to the Democrats (Hershey, n.p).

Political divisions in America

The current rule by Trump faces many political divisions that come along with various challenges that intensify the terms and rules of leadership and decision making. Recently, the gap between the Democrats and Republicans has increased more than ever, with each party having more different political views compared to the past years. The two parties are having more disagreements on political decisions that have contributed to the increased the political divide (Westfall, Jacob, et al, 145-158).

Donald Trump's first year in the presidency has marked the beginning of a wider gap between the republicans and democrats. They have a different and intense understanding of fundamental issues like environmental security, racism, government, immigration and national security. Each party has its meaningful and relevant view on the ways to mitigate the problems they face, which make it difficult to pass a decision (Westfall, Jacob, et al, 145-158).

For instance, while Democrats prefer life in the urban areas, the Republicans suggest that living in the rural areas is better. Besides, the Republicans have internal divisions on some issues. For example, 61% of US Democrats opt for a community with their social facilities, neighborhoods, and stores closely packed with the disadvantage of smaller houses while 65% of Republicans prefer spaced neighborhoods, larger houses but with social facilities and stores some miles away from their residents. Trump's negative attitude against climate has contributed to the increase in political divide. Republicans that voted for Trump are having second thoughts about his presidency if he can term climate change as a hoax (Westfall, Jacob, et al, 145-158).

In conclusion, the partisan divide will keep increasing as long as the Democrats and Republicans keep settling geographically according to their political parties and views. It might end up putting a lot of pressure on future US president and leaders, as they try to solve problems with so much pressure from the same people trying giving insights on how to solve them.

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