Paper Example. Political Influence on Law

Published: 2023-03-17
Paper Example. Political Influence on Law
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Politics is one central platform that affects the law system of a particular society from one perspective to the other. The study of politics and Law is a unique and multidisciplinary exercise in our current community. There are specific fields in political science that generates a significant impact in the legal sectors that may be used in courts, by lawyers and legal actors. Politics is a very instrumental structure in the government's legal operation system. The Law has a comprehensive perspective structure in the government operational system. For the government to set a compelling and substantial functional structure, there must be a valid law policy that must be set. However, politics is constitutive of politics in our current society. The political structures influence the legal justice system of a country. To create a unique and flexible operating system in the community, an effective political system should be designed to direct the laws in the country. The political aspect of society must be conceded during the learning of legal structures in the country. Therefore in this research, the political system will be analyzed based on its effect on the legal structure of a particular country.

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Research Questions

  • I. Is there political influence in Law?
  • II. What is the political influence when it comes to Law?
  • III. What is the impact of politics on Law?
  • IV. How has Politics changed the legal structures of different countries in society?
  • V. What factors affect politics' influence in Law?

Literature Review

Political influence is a significant factor in the legal structure of our current society. However, there is a particular political influence that affects the growth and development of the political systems in the country. According to Wenzelburger (664), political policy affects the governance systems of the United States in the society. The political, institutional forms have a significant impact on the creation of law policies in the country. One of the political factors that affect the Law includes the preemption system, where the lower-level government structure restricts a higher-level position in the government. For a particular policy to be transformed into Law, there must be a political revolution that led to a ballot initiative process. Wenzelburger, (673), states that the referendum debate will be used in instigating the members of the public in providing their signature based on a given issue that has been provided in the constitution. The state legislature's leaders are politicians who help in taking part in the making of the legal structures in society. The political leaders mobilize the members of the public on reading the particular policy.

The civic body can veto or reject a proposed law that is presented in the country. According to Bismarck (80), the legislative arm of the government ensures that the Law is vetted first before it is introduced to the members of the public for analysis. The Law, however, will be vetted and proposed for review by the members of the government agencies.

The political posts such as the member of the government agency play an active role in determining the relevancy of the particular Law. The federal jobs will assist in the enactment of the law policies in the country. Lepenies, Robert, and Magdalena (428) stated that the political branch negotiates treaties with other countries, which help in ensuring that a particular law has been followed to the later. During the appointment of the federal judges in the country, the political aspect will be used in analyzing the leader's role in the legal system of the community. During the appointment of the federal judges, the political structure will be used in ensuring whether the respective judges have the right abilities in holding the office.

Political Influence

When it comes to Law, there are specific political interests that affect the stricture of Law in society. Hansmann, Henry, and Reinier (53) stated that political influences in our community include political parties, electoral process, referendum, political activists, political institutions, executive functions, and the opposition. The following political factors will, in one way or the other, affect the law structure of a particular in the region from one perspective to the other. The political element will determine whether the Law is suitable to serve in a specific place in one aspect or the other. Staszewski (849), governmental institutions may serve as an essential role in ensuring the Law in place is contentious and has strong opposition from the special interests. The politics will address the social and economic importance of the policies in society. A particular law will be analyzed and debated by the political leader before it is tabled as a rule in society.

Impact of Politics on Law

Politics play an essential role in determining the role of Law in society. According to Kennedy (12), the political position ensures that a preemption rule is used where the lower sections restrict a higher position level in government in government. All opinions are respected irrespective of the person who heads the area. Politics brought equality to the laws that are used in society. Every person, therefore, is expected to respect the Law irrespective of his or her position in the government. There also emerged the creation of human acts that fought in the protection of the rights of the public in society. Bismarck (83), political institutions also served a significant factor in creating particular laws and analyzing their relevance in society. The legal amendments were practiced by the political institutions that assist in the presentation of the legal document in the community. The governmental policies also have created a legal law policy that governs the operations that takes place in society. Politics has led to the creation of national forums that relates to members of the community.

Political Changes Legal Structures

The political comprises of several essential arms that adjudicates on how the policies are made and transformed to achieve a certain point. According to Staszewski (857), most of the illegal systems have been refuted by the political bodies from being made laws. The political aspect transforms the laws by introducing the crucial clauses that should be used in the management of public resources. However, according to the statistics that were carried out indicated that political bodies have led to the creation of more than 80% of new laws in the community (Hansmann et al., 53). The nature of a new political institution has contributed to the creation of unique and creative law concepts that can be used in the governance of public resources. Law systems have been applied in changing the operational structure of the organization platforms from a domestic system to an international appeal. The creation of political science and public policy has transformed the legal structure by the appointment of the right leaders who could be able to fight for the rights of the public.

Factors Affecting Politics Influence on Law

The political system of a country may receive several challenges that may hinder the legal framework of a given place. For instance, when there is political instability in the ruling government, all the structures will collapse a factor that will result from declining in legal policy amendments (Wenzelburger, 672). The second challenge is the economic degradation when the country's economic structure has not effectively stabilize; the political platforms will be affected as a factor that will hinder the legal policy frameworks. The tax revenue collected by the government help in running severe affairs of the government, which includes political and social factors. Social and demographical change can hinder the political and legal framework of a country.

When the members of the society are not comfortable by the way the government operates their resources, there will be an increase in political instability, which will affect the legal framework. Lepenies et al. (430), when the other communities are not in a position to receive an equal portion of land, water, and agricultural services in the country, will also affect the nature of the political systems in the community. Intergovernmental factors such as corruption, nepotism, and ethnicity play an essential role in determining to control the political and legal standards of the whole community. When the political leaders are incompetent and unqualified in holding public offices, they will hinder the open legal platforms in the market.


The research was conducted in the United States fifty states, before the introduction of the legal laws that protect the human and social structures in the market. When practicing the research, we created survival analysis data from the year, in which we began analyzing the political influence on the law systems. The extended Cox model was used in estimating the political impact on law systems. The survey was drawn from different political, institutional, and legal policy structures.

Quantitative Methods

The primary structure of the research was done in different structures and locations in society. Some of the places where the study was done include workplaces, organizations, government agencies, and political institutions. The participants' views were gathered from the following sectors and presented for analysis. The quantitative approach was made in collecting different surveys that relate to the political influence in the law systems. The questions were designed in a multiple-choice system to allow the participant to understand the intention of the research. The participants were sampled according to the political positions they serve in the government, their level of influence, and their educational levels. The following participants were later collected and allowed to give their views based on the questions in the questionnaires. Most of the surveys were done through online platforms.

The research was done through the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All the objectives, research questions, participants' demographics, and procedures of all the participants were analyzed and collected in the laptop devices. The variables were collected and analyzed by comparing and contrasting the information from the participants based on the actual activities happening in society. The research was done in an inclusive nature in society. All the records were therefore protected and stored for future use. The materials were collected from different sources in the community. However, participants working In political institutions, government agencies, and legal departments were questioned and asked to give their opinions. The data was produced after the combination of different views and ideas of workers who work in the organization.

Research Findings

The research findings of the political influence on the Law were collected was derived after a thorough collection of different opinions and ideas of participants in society. All the views of the participants were analyzed and collected after the research system; all the relevant opinions were analyzed and presented to the board members of the study.

One of the essential findings that were discovered from the study was that politics has a significant influence on law policies. According to the participants who presented their views stated that politics had transformed the legal procedures in one perspective to the other. Some of the political influence when it comes to matters of Law was generated by the legislative measures and institutions that dictate the legal platforms to be followed.

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