Free Essay Example - Personal Stress

Published: 2023-02-02
Free Essay Example - Personal Stress
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Stress is a reaction that occurs in the body when there are changes in the body. The bod can respond to the changes either physically, mentally, or even emotionally. Stress may be as a result of both threat and opportunities and may arise both from the family, friends, and the workplace. Employees experience stress when they are faced with situations that they cannot handle or manage. The stress affects the individual's health and impairs him/her productivity hence the reason why organizations emphasize the importance of managing stress arising from both personal changes as well as work-related changes. Life events, therefore, cause stress may they be major or minor, but the major events have serious health complications.

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Job Loss

A family mostly depends on the income from the household head for survival. When the breadwinner, therefore, loses the job, he/she becomes extremely stressed because they are uncertain of how their dependents will survive (Jones, & George, 2008). The consequences of job loss are adverse, and one cannot even imagine going through them. After losing a job, children are sent out of school, and the property owners start threating to evict the person. The tenant is evicted finally if they are unable to raise the money and those with a mortgage end up losing their home. The intensity of the stress depends on the circumstances under which the person lost their job. Those who lost their job, for example, due to the closure of the company or as a result of recession are more affected. This group of people is likely to suffer diseases of the heart, blood pressure, or diabetes because they could not control the causes of their layoff.

Death of a loved one

As much as death is inevitable, people are stressed when they lose a loved one. Some even become depressed by the thought of imaging that they will not see the person again. This is a major life event which has dire effects on the health of the people. It affects the individual both at the personal level as well as the professional level. A grieved employee is likely to be less productive than before, and they may need several counseling sessions to help them manage the change.


Trouble Finding a Reliable House Manager

Minor events also cause personal stress, and although their effects are not as intense as those caused by major life events, they also affect the individual (Jones, & George, 2008). One may, for example, be stressed for no find someone who can do house chores or even look after their children. However, the moment they find one, they are relieved of the stress and continue with their responsibilities without having experienced adverse effects.

Conflicts with In-Laws

This is a minor life event which affects the individual, but since the change is sometimes not permanent, they can manage the stress within a short duration of time (Jones, & George, 2008). This stressor can however not be undermined because when one is not in good terms with someone who they closely interact with will be stressed.

In conclusion, stress occurs as a result of both opportunities and threats, which mean even a positive change can cause stress. The major life events cause adverse effects bot physically, emotionally, and psychologically. The minor life events also affect an individual but are not intense as one is unlikely to, for example, have heart disease because of a minor change.


Jones, G. R., & George, J. M. (2008). Understanding and managing organizational behavior. Pearson Prentice Hall.

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