Free Essay on Human Sexuality

Published: 2022-05-24
Free Essay on Human Sexuality
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Why marriage is prone to extramarital affairs.

An extramarital affair is sex that a married person has with another man or woman. Marriages are prone to extramarital affairs because of the following reasons:

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Chronically stressed marriages are a source of extramarital affairs. The marriages which are affected by extramarital affairs are unstable. Those in happy marriages are not affected by affairs. Those who are unhappy get into affairs while trying to run away from unpleasant dynamics. When an individual is unhappy in a relationship, they feel justified in breaching trust.

Another case is where one gets to familiarize with people who engaged in affairs while growing up. Growing up in a family where affairs are considered normal puts an individual at a higher risk of engaging in affairs too. Our subconscious always draws us to what we have always known thus the possibility of deceit feels acceptable.

Also, some people have a personality of excitement, which might push them to take the risk of extramarital sex over stability. Such people value excitement in such a big way, and in this case, they need a therapist to prevent this from happening.

Physically dissatisfaction is one most common reason why people engage themselves in extramarital affairs. They look for a person to have sex with, to satisfy their physical, sexual needs

Emotional closeness is essential in a relationship. When it lacks, the party who feels the distance from their partner are more likely to look for closeness from someone else. One partner who might feel they are not loved might look for positive attention outside their marriages.

Partners who try to maintain peace at all costs are likely to cheat on their spouses because they are unable to express themselves. In case of disagreements, one is more likely to hold back unmet needs thus hindering the couple from knowing each other better. This might result in unfaithfulness.

Early marriages are another reason for extramarital sex. Those people who marry in their late teens might later in life feel they never enjoyed their early life. In this case, they feel they need to get into an extramarital affair as a way of experiencing the excitement of dating.

Parenthood is another reason why people get into extramarital sex. A lot of things change since the wife is busy dedicating most of her time to the children. On the other hand, the man suddenly feels lost and might decide to look for solace elsewhere.

Why women become prostitutes and why men go to them.

Some women become prostitutes because they feel they can earn a huge amount of money when they are still young. Other women see it as a way of sustaining their university studies and further advancement. Most of these women say they will leave the business once they have had enough money to fulfill a goal set.

On the other end, some of these women were forced into prostitution, and they find using drugs as a way of solace. This happens when young girls are kidnapped and enslaved into prostitution through sex trafficking.

Some girls get into prostitution after being raped, which lowers their self- esteem. In some cases, they are infected with sexually transmitted diseases which they feel they did not deserve.

Men, on the other hand, have their reasons. Some men feel that they are too ugly to have sex with a lady without paying for it. Others say they want casual sex, with no obligations attached. Some men feel their genital is too small and any other woman would laugh at them and reject them. Some other men work for long hours leaving them no time to date and have a family.

Theories of homosexuality

One theory by Freud argues that all humans are born bisexual by nature implying that homosexuality is within family determinants. He districted two types of homosexuality, where one those who are like women seek masculine men and others who seek feminine qualities in their partners. His theory claimed that all homosexual men did not successfully negotiate the separation which brings about early childhood stress leading to obligatory, exclusive homosexuality.

Genetic theory of homosexuality

This theory tries to show that it's possible that it's possible to sustain homosexuality in a population through exclusively controlled processes.

Neurohormonal theory

The theory concentrated on differences in prenatal hormone levels. The theory proposes that: They propose that sexual direction is primarily resolute by the degree towards which the nervous system is exposed to testosterone, estradiol, and to open other sex hormones while neuro-organization is taking place, mainly between the middle of the second and the ending of the fifth month of development. According to the theory, multifaceted combinations of hereditary, hormonal, neurological, and environmental factors in action proceeding to birth largely determine what an individual's sexual course will be.

New ideas learnt in the course.

Heterosexuality involves teen sex, extramarital sex, pornography and nude dancing.

Some of the men who engage in buying sex do it for feeling they are too ugly to get spouses

It's important to ensure there is good communication between partners which will help retain a relationship.

The analysis shows that men are more likely to cheat than women.

In most cases, people are more likely to have affairs with co-workers

Some women engage in sexual activities to get money for their educational needs, while others feel they are helping fellow women with work they are unable to do.

Teens are more likely sexually active than their peers

They also are more likely to have more than one sex partner, and even having one night stands.

There has been sexual revolution thus these days; teen sex is not prohibited like it was before.

Homosexuality and Heterosexuality came up at the same time.

Myths about extramarital affairs

Myths about prostitution

One myth is that prostitutes are conventionally superior to other people. This is because they view themselves as honest while other people are not.

Another myth is that prostitutes see their so-called customers as hypocrites. Therefore most prostitutes despise their customers and try to exploit them by lowering their charges.

They are also believed to contribute to marital success.

Another myth is that prostitutes liken them to marriage councilors, social workers, and psychologists.

Homosexuals living in Lebanon face difficulties not experienced by non-LGBT residents. Nevertheless, they have more freedom as compared to those living in other parts of the World.

Conservatives and rebels want prostitution to since it's considered as selling out their bodies which should not be the case. Different societies have different views about prostitution. Some consider prostitution as a way of life and earning money while others see it as immorality.

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