Essay Sample on Personal and Social Development Issues Strategies

Published: 2023-08-20
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Listening and speaking skills are very important for the success of the students. Strategies I would use to enhance these skills are encouraging them to first listen to what they are being told and then respond, also by the use of turn and talk discussions (Palmer 2014). How I would encourage parents to support this is by letting their children speak what they have in mind and not always control what they have to say.

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Strategies to Promote Student Growth and Development outside the classroom.

For the growth and development of the student, you have to engage with them once a day fully. For example, during dinner time, you might ask them what they have learned in school, and how they spent their time at school.

How to Communicate with Parents

To communicate with parents, I would set up a day at school, such as parents meeting and talk with the child and parent face to face. The reason why I chose this method is that it will help the student to be open about his or her challenges both at school and home, and we would find a solution to the problem.

Scenario 2

Embracing cultural Identity for students’ Personal and Social Development.

Culture is an important aspect for students when growing up. Strategies to embrace cultural identity are by teaching about other cultures in the classroom and clearing their stereotypes concerning other cultures.

Strategies to Promote Personal and Social Development outside the classroom

To promote personal and social development outside the class is to take James to various cultural places so that he can learn about other cultures, and maybe he would be interested in them.

How to Communicate With Families

I would be calling James' parents once a week to enquire about his progress and if he is practicing self-testing methods at home. The reason I chose this communication style is that there is no need for James's parents to come to school, and also, it should be regular so that James can learn about his culture and other cultures (Cauley, Kathleen, and Donna 15-25).

Scenario 3

Communicating About Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is very common among students, but it has negative effects on the victim. The school policy does not tolerate cyberbullying, and all students must understand that any form of bullying is wrong. The school provides a telling atmosphere where the students report any case of cyberbullying if they see it.

Plan to Address Cyberbullying at School

There will be a meeting to talk about cyberbullying and caution the students about anyone caught bullying someone. The provision of tough measures on any student caught with the offense so that they can stop bullying people. We will provide a platform where the student's going through cyberbullying will be counseled and where they can also report cyberbullying cases.

How Parents can address cyberbullying at home.

Parents should create time for their children and talk to them about cyberbullying. They should inform them about the impacts of it, and also restrict their children from spending too much time on social media.

Scenario 4

How to encourage Inclusion

Cliques are certainly thought to be bad. To encourage inclusion, you have to dispatch those cliques among students because they form boundaries among friends, and some also lead to bad behavior. Talk to the students about the effects of forming cliques, and anyone caught forming them should be punished.

How Parents can support from Home

Parents can support from home by reporting if they find their children trying top form groups out of school. Also, they should talk to their children about joining a bad company and its consequences (Beale, Andrew and Kimberly 8-12).

Scenario 5

Addressing Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure is common among teenagers, and their friends always influence victims. I can talk to the students about peer pressure and try to boost their self-esteem so that they cannot become victims of peer pressure. Since peer pressure is caused by low self-esteem, I can teach them how to raise their self-esteem. Also, any child caught criticizing another student should be punished because that is lowering one’s self-esteem.

How Parents can support this from

During dinner time or free time, always engage your child in conversations about how their day has been if they criticized and always encourage them to love what they have. This will prevent them from being dragged by their peers from doing things they are not willing to do (Palmer 2014).

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