Chain of Reporting - Free Essay Sample

Published: 2022-12-13
Chain of Reporting - Free Essay Sample
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Chain of Reporting: Chairman of the management team will be receiving all the information from other members and forward to management.

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Launch and Celebration of New Computer Lab and Lecture Rooms

Background Information

Five years ago, London students faced a rough time finding information about the project they were to present in the science congress. Due to the challenges faced the institution opted to find a way of having a modern computer lab within the institution to ease access to information. They wrote a letter to the government and well-wishers to aid them in building modern and lucky enough got a positive response. Last semester, they successfully installed fully refurbished lecture rooms and computer labs which will aid in bolstering education in the institution. As a result of this, staff members of the institution suggested that they organize for a celebration to commission the project and set it ready for use.

Main Objective.

To attract the attention of the potential students. With the celebration of the project, there is a likelihood that potential students from the locality will attend the celebration and taken through the projects with guests, this will motivate them to join the institution.

To offer motivation to students. During the celebrations, guests with vast knowledge on the use of computers will be invited to share their experience on the use of computers with the students, hence motivating them to appreciate computers.

To show appreciation to the government for funding the project. During celebrations, dignitaries from the government will be present. The principal of the institution will convey appreciation during celebrations to the government through the present dignitaries.

Desired outcome

After the celebration, the institution speculates that more people in the society will have known of the installation of new facilities thus will yearn to be part of the system. With this in mind, the institution expects to register more students. It is also the desire of the institution that their students will get to learn more about the importance of technology in learning; hence they will utilize the installed computers in the institution.

Constraints and Assumption

Organizing for a big event is always marred with organizational challenges if the right procedure is not followed in planning. Due to the challenges associated with events, we sat with the institution and decided to have consultancy services to ensure proper planning of the event. Cranberry Blue event planners were assigned the duty of providing consultancy services. They will provide guides on the decoration of the event (, 2019). Cranberry Blue is known for its successful planning of various events which include weddings in London.

On the day of events, the invited dignitaries might fail to avail themselves on the day of the event due to weather constraints thus impacting the event negatively. There is fear that the number of students expected to be enrolled might not be achieved; this is because the desired information might fail to reach them due to the employed communication technique. The institution provided $50,000 to be used in organizing for the event.


The interface is the link between the institution and the society. It is expected that with the right organization of the event, a good picture will be sent to the surrounding thus attracting more students to enroll in the institution (Interface: Reforming Planning Systems, 2003).

Project Approach

It is always the aim of every organization to have a successful event when launching their products. In the London institution, an event has been organized, and its success will boost the trust that the launched product will succeed. To ensure that the event is a success, there is a need to incorporate modern technique in approaching the event. 4D Modelling was adopted (Bryde, 2003).

With the use 4D model, will be able to project how the whole organization of the event will look like (Bryde, 2003). The model encompasses, Defining the project type stated, in this case, the event purpose is determined and the purpose of holding the event. Designing, this is putting together what is needed and procedure to achieve, in this case, one lists all items which are needed to be present in the event. Delivering, provide all the requirements of the project, if there are items to be bought, it is bought in advance to avoid last minute rush in acquiring them. Developing, putting everything in sequence and implementing the project. This is done a few days before the event to ensure that everything runs smoothly as expected.

Project Product Description

For every event to be successful, time is very important. Time will influence the chance of dignitaries availing themselves, the presence of community, and running the event without disturbing the programs of the school (Giesecke & Shkolnik, 2011). After a thorough deliberation by the staff, it was decided that the commissioning event is scheduled to take place in September during Fresher's week. During this month, lectures within the institution will not have commenced; thus no one will be affected.

For the event to be successful, there is a need to invite various dignitaries and the community to witness the commissioning ceremony. Dignitaries from the government will be present, they will be taken through the facility to see how the computers have been set up and the facility at large. They will be provided with the architectural design of the facility so that they can verify that what has been constructed is what is in the paper.

The list of the invited dignitaries includes the following;

  1. Agilo the CEO of the Layertech Company.
  2. Hon. Malcolm minister of education London.
  3. Dave Conor a successful engineer and alumni of the institution.
  4. Elizabeth Gregor, principal of the institution wife

Agilo, the CEO of Layertech Company, was invited since the project was set up by this company. Therefore it was important to welcome their CEO to express the gratitude which the institution had after successful installation and equipping computer lab (Bryde, 2007). Presence of Agilo in the celebration means that when the dignitaries are taken around the facility, he will assist in giving detailed information about the project as he is well conversant with Information Technology. Presence of minister of education will ensure that he takes back the first-hand information to the government as part of the project was funded by the government.

The invited dignitaries will give a lecture to the students on the importance of properly utilizing the computer lab in the institution. This is because the guests have had good experience with the use of computers and it is important to share their experience with students and also teachers of the institution (Shtub, 2012).

With the commissioning of the new classes and computer lab, the institution expects an increased number of students to be admitted. This will mean that the financial base of the organization will increase hence increase in profitability of the institution.

Quality Management Approach

After an intense analysis of which management approach to incorporate in organizing the event, Total quality management deemed right and fit for this event. The approach takes into consideration customers, process, systematic approach, and communication (Gundogan, 2009). With the incorporation of this technique, there is more emphasis on ensuring that the present visitors and dignitaries on the day of the event have total comfort. This will be achieved by ensuring that there is the provision of enough food for visitors, provision of shades, and comfortable seats.

Change Control Approach

Event organization is a procedural task which takes time before the day for the event. All along, the event can experience notable and significant changes; the changes can range from, event date, schedule, and guests. When such changes arise, there is a need to communicate with the stakeholders about the changes and provide substantial reasons for the changes. For this information to be passed effectively and to reach the destination at the right time, there is a need to employ an effective means of communication.

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