Essay Example: Reports, Proposal Requests, and Proposals

Published: 2023-09-07
Essay Example: Reports, Proposal Requests, and Proposals
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Reports, proposal requests, and proposals are essential in day-to-day business dealings, and every employee in a business enterprise must familiarize themselves with them. That is to say, it is vital for employees to know not only what they mean but also where and when they apply to a business. Moreover, understanding the distinction that exists between each of them improves diligence, efficiency, and coordination in an office set up. Therefore this summary gives in-depth insights into the meaning and application of reports, proposal requests, and proposals.

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Reports are specific forms of writing organized around concise identification and examination of issues, findings, and events happening in a physical setup. For instance, reports component can base on activities that occur in a business enterprise or an organization, or research findings on a given topic of interest. Primarily, reports inform readers objectively and directly about all essential and relevant topics (Maalej & Nabil, 2015). Besides, specific components characterize stories at basic levels, i.e., pre-defined structures, reaching unbiased conclusions, and independent sections.

Structures of reports vary widely, and therefore, to be familiar with stories and how to write them, one must go through and understand guidelines to ensure that he or she is following the specified structure. The body sections that give the above discussion it is essential to have subheadings and sub-sections as literature dictates to ensure easy understanding. Necessarily, stories should always have unbiased and objective contents, and their conclusions should always reflect the formal way of writing done within the main body.

Proposal Requests

Requests for Proposal (RFP) are business documents announcing about potentially looming projects in an organization. Moreover, it details the project's properties by soliciting bids from people who will play a part in the successful completion of the project. In many cases, organizations prefer using proposal requests because it provides proper planning procedures for the success of a project (Maalej & Nabil, 2015). Notably, a proposal request for a specific program may require the organization to review available bids to examine the feasibility, health, and other capabilities of the bidding entities.

Proposal requests outline the process of bidding and the terms of bidding contracts as it highlights guidelines on how potential bidders should go about the bidding process, its format, and presentation. By so doing, it helps the bidders to prepare their proposals because RFPs are for sophisticated and durable projects. Therefore, it has to outline instructions on the information the bidders must include and the formats that the project sponsors prefer.


On the other hand, proposals are documents required when a team of staff in an organization is pitching an idea that needs the action and execution of either the departmental heads or managers. Proposals have several purposes, depending on the goals of those preparing it. However, proposal preparation should entail a precise and persuasive process that will ensure that the document, once presented to the intended people, will achieve its ultimate goal. A proposal is necessary when one has a project he or she does not have the authority or the clearance to start executing without approvals from the higher ranks in an organization management hierarchy.


As mentioned, the three issues have documentation processes that make them essential matters in organizations. Besides, the descriptions show when they are critical to improving the effectiveness of communication in organizations. For this reason, it is necessary for staff in an organization not only to understand how the three issues apply in their respective organizations but also to prepare them and when they are applicable.


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