Application Ethics Essay Sample

Published: 2018-07-27
Application Ethics Essay Sample
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Communication skills, Punctuality and Dress code

Application ethics, in this case, defines the process and procedures that are used by agencies when it comes to recruiting employees, the staff and students in an attachment. It comprises all the ethical guidelines that are adhered to, at work. The first impression matters a lot when it comes to handling clients and even being at an interview, therefore having an insight on three ethical guidelines will help to understand application ethics; these are good communication skills, punctuality and dress code.

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A code of ethics in any organization is important because it acts as the guideline to all employees on how to conduct themselves in the workplace. A focus on the code of ethics of National Association of Social Workers sheds light on the importance of ethics. The code of ethics is nationally recognized, and it has been approved and used by all social workers in the United States. The code of ethics enhances professionalism, competence, and integrity which enable quality service provision by social workers. It guides the profession towards meeting the goals of social workers (Parrott, 2014).

Communication skills; communication involves the exchange of information from one person to another. It comprises of the sender and the receiver such that the person communicating should have a response from the person listening. Listening is, therefore, the important aspect of communication because it enables the listener to respond. When it comes to the workplace, communication is essential and has enabled the smooth flow of activities. Where there is no communication, everything will come to a standstill. Social workers need to communicate adequately so as to enhance the quality of service. Communication skills involve the ability to efficiently communicate with people and to receive feedback. Response completes the cycle of communication. In the workplace, communication skills are; speaking slowly and efficiently to enhance understanding of the message, well-articulated words to also enhance understanding, listening effectively and paying attention to the person communicating through making an eye contact, and responding. In social work, communication is essential for the purpose of treating patients; it is important to note that attending to a patient is complex and it requires a person with communication skills to manage it (Reamer, 2013).

Employee Motivation

Punctuality; at the workplace, being punctual is very important because it defines who a person is regarding being organized. It is where one arrives to work on time and ensures that everything is in place at the right time. Punctuality is all about ‘being in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.’ Punctuality is an indication of professionalism in the workplace as it communicates a positive personality. It takes a hardworking, motivated and self-driven employee to be punctual (Healy, 2014). The code of ethics for social workers in the United States advocates for punctuality as the motive to compel success in the service provision. The guidelines of punctuality revolve around arriving and leaving the workplace at the right time, responding to mail, meetings and any matter of attention at the right time, adhering to tea and lunch break and showing commitment through accomplishing tasks at the right time; in this case attending to patients according to the schedule.

According to Rubin,& Babbie, (2016). Punctuality enhances smooth flow of activities because there will be the timing of every activity being done. Where there’s smooth flow of activities, there is the achievement of objectives. Punctuality also motivates staff always to strive to achieve their goals through accomplishing the tasks assigned. Employee performance is linked to how punctual they are in their work. Punctual employee will always be the best performer. Punctuality, therefore, helps a social worker to have an organized manner of doing things, and this will result in positive results.

Dress code; this is a section of the code of ethics that focuses on how an employer or employee should appear while at the work. It stipulates the kind of attire that is considered official and appropriate for work environment. The Dress code has been one of the current issues in the work place that has resulted in disciplinary cases. It is the work of a human resource to avail the dress code guidelines in every organization and especially to the new employees. The agency recognizes the importance of dress code guideline whereby each social worker should have a copy of these guidelines. The dress code for social work depends on whether they are attending to inpatient or outpatient. Outpatient dress code requires an employee to be professional, for women, it will be dresses, skirts, blazers and heels while for men it will be a suit or official shirt and trouser. When it comes to attending the inpatients; women should be in casual and not jeans, and they should be wrapped up in scrubs to prevent direct contact with patients. Flat shoes are recommended and the amount of makeup should be less while the hair should be pulled backward. The same case applies to men (Levy & Slavin, 2013).


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