Essay Example. Discussion of the Field Day Flier

Published: 2023-03-12
Essay Example. Discussion of the Field Day Flier
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The 'Field Day' flier illustrated in figure 1 above represents a flier for students to take home and show their parents to notify them concerning the upcoming Field Day event for the students of XY elementary school. The flier incorporates creativity associated with the use of different colors, balance, lines as well as contrasting visual elements aimed at capturing the attention of parents, particularly those wishing to attend the fun-filled field day event. As such this section of the paper will provide a comprehensive explanation of the creativity utilized to develop the flier, along with the description of the details highlighted on the flier.

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Representation of the Purpose of the Event

Most fundamentally, the flier contains details of the principal purpose of the flier, including the name of the event, the location of the occasion as well as the date and time when the event is scheduled to take place. These details are represented using a font that can be easily visualized by the reader with different colors, each representing different meanings explained in the subsequent sections of this paper. The field day flier illustrates the name of the event as a field day event as the title of the flier. The title incorporates a shadow font coupled with the incorporation of a relatively increased font size to capture the attention of the reader. In support of this argument, a heading slogan that comprises of memorable words, as well as expressions, should be highlighted at the top position of the flier to attract as well as to arouse the interest of the audience (Sunitha Srinivas, 2015). As such, the flier's title includes "Field Day," which incorporates memorable words for the parents along with the slogan "play observe learn" that encourages parents wishing to support and attend the event.

The flier also indicates precise and easy-to-understand details concerning the location of the event, which is at the learning institution, the date represented as Friday 23rd December 2019, along with the scheduled time for the event, which is 9.00 p.m. - 3.00 p.m. Additionally, the flier provides essential details about the requirements of the event including carrying a water bottle, application of sunscreen before attending the field day event, along with wearing tennis shoes for the event. These details are vital as they aim at ensuring the comfort and safety of the audience which includes the parents in the case scenario.

The use of Color Schemes and Balance in Representing Different Aspects of the Event

The recent research review led by Dzulkifli, and Mustafar (2013) determined the association between colors, attention as well as memory performance. After review of multiple relevant pieces of research, the authors determined that the choice of colors, as well as the manipulative aspects of their application, can potentially influence the performance of human memory, particularly in capturing their attention ad response to different environmental stimuli (Dzulkifli & Mustafar, 2013). As such the creation of flier highlighted used different colors both in the background and on different images to capture the attention of parents.

Most fundamentally, the flier has incorporated harmonious color combinations grounded on hues at filled saturations to capture the attention of the parents. For instance, the fliers have utilized the concept of warm colors, including yellow, orange, and red, which look harmonious, which enables more natural balancing of the colors to develop a harmonious pattern (Landa, 2018). Zerwic et al. (2010) suggest that the ability to communicate effectively via posters or fliers, in this case, involves the use of visual content that includes approximately four different colors, particularly red, white, black as well as blue or green. These colors are utilized in the poster to assist the parents in reading the highlighted text efficiently. Additionally, the main text is bolded to command the parent's attention. Furthermore, Dzulkifli and Mustafar (2013) noted that using a combination of colors in developing presentations can positively influence the psychological actions of the audience that is characterized by the attention and emotional attachment.

Contrast Visual Elements

Grinstein, Hagtvedt, and Kronrod (2019) determined that the incorporation of visual elements, including pleasing individual objects or human features like images as well as a displeasing group, is effective in triggering identification as well as the perceived need, which thus increases empathy among the audience. The elevated empathy consequently motivates pro-social behavior (Grinstein et al., 2019). As such, the poster illustrated in figure 1 has utilized images including an image representing a person playing tennis that communicates to parents by requesting them not to forget wearing tennis shoes since the event will incorporate sporting activities. Another different visual feature noted on the flier includes the use of enlarged and bolded fonts.


This paper has presented a representation of a flier aimed at capturing the attention of parents to offer support for a Field Day event in a learning institution. The paper has also offered a comprehensive discussion that describes the creativity utilized to develop the flier, including the use of diverse colors, balance, as well as contrasting visual elements aimed at capturing the parents' attention, particularly those wishing to attend the fun-filled field day event.


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