Paper Sample on Problems Facing Women Empowerment

Published: 2023-12-25
Paper Sample on Problems Facing Women Empowerment
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Women empowerment refers to increased education, economic or gender strength, spiritual, political forces of individual women and communities. Empowering women is giving them the power to come up with decisions of their own lives. Women empowerment is a universal issue, and globally there are motions of women empowerment. This essay analyzes the problems that make women not to become empowered. Why are women not at the same level as men?

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In many societies, the birth of a boy child brings joy to a girl child's birth. Society favors the male more than the female because of male inheritance of the family's property, mostly in developing countries. The favors male children get are education, health and safety, professional inequality, and others. Though the world is now changing to empower women, the following are why women are not at the same level as their male counterparts.


Many young girls around the world do not get adequate learning time because many communities have the feeling that women are supposed to perform domestic chores, so they have no opportunity to move out to learn and get better-paying jobs. There is also discrimination in getting jobs if they happen to get educated. Male get priority in job interviews while rejecting women’s interest to get the same position. Women also lack education because many societies believe that they will get married and take their knowledge to other homesteads. They will not benefit their parents (Shettar and Rajeshwari, 17).

Harassment of Women

Sexual harassment is a violation of women’s human rights. In many countries, sexual harassment occurs every day, which causes physical and psychological torture. The harassment often occurs in workplaces and others in society, violating women’s dignity. Many cases are also left unattended, thus making males feel like they are above the law.

Property Rights

The land law affirms that both males and females have the right to inherit land from their parents, but the law remains in the paper, while most families issue land to the male leaving females out of the property (Shettar and Rajeshwari 18).

Society sees women as inferior and cannot come up with the right decisions and are poor in leadership. Therefore, they get low chances to get to the national assemblies because people feel that the female will not come up with suitable legislation due to their “poor decision making.”

The above issues have affected the community because women have failed to establish their self-image, they are not moving ahead with their lives, and they feel that they are to live just around their homesteads. They are unable to participate in decision making either in their workplaces or at homesteads. They don’t actively participate in politics though some do but not to a more considerable extent like males. They can also not lay a strong foundation for society because many children learn from their mothers (Dominic, Beena, and Amrita Jothi 5). Women are also not at the same level as males because of the above issues, causing discrimination.


Therefore for women to be at the same level as the male, then the negativity should seize and allow women and girls to do all the works that the male and boys are doing. Discrimination against women is the reason why women are made inferior.

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