Essay Example on Resilience in the Workplace

Published: 2022-10-28
Essay Example on Resilience in the Workplace
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Every person must undergo a situation that is difficult at one point of his or her life. The challenging moment may include complicated illness, job loss death of a loved one, poor performance or any event that may cause trauma to a person. As a result, such people experience a drain in their emotions and mental capacity which yields a sense of uncertainty. Resilience plays a significant role in helping people adapt to the dynamics in life from time to time and the stressful conditions associated with such experiences. It is composed of a process that requires effort and time engaging the people in following a particular procedure. Resilience is the ability of a person to react and respond to the pressure and demands caused by the stresses and strains in life (Robertson, Cooper, Sarkar & Curran, 2015). Resilience, however, does not only occur to people, but it also happens to organizations. A good instance is when an organization is faced with a setback in the course of its business administration. In such a scenario, how the business will overcome the challenge and be back on track is determined by the resilient nature of the organization. Being resilient implies that one can act according to the demanding of the situations, reducing the effect of the developing situation in the course of working and establish an opportunity regardless of the experienced challenge. Organizations have to develop and implement programs that are effective in support of resilience if they are to survive in maintaining their profitability.

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Managing the Unexpected

According to Weick & Sutcliffe,(2011), the unexpected happenings can create trouble at the workplace unless one establishes a mindful infrastructure that continuously identifies small failures, avoids oversimplifications, becomes more alert on functioning, sustains the resilient abilities and monitors the changing locations of expertise. This implies that the best way to approach resilience in the workplace is being able to manage the unexpected. In this case, every worker should have a clear understanding of the working of the expectations and the mindful engagement of the same. The central concept of resilience in the workplace and understanding the hope is founded on the organization's routines, roles, and strategies.

Providing people with the skills on the importance of managing the expectations in the workplace is very significant within the content delivery context of the conference. This is because if the people are aware of the expectations, they are sure of what is likely to occur in their life encounter, therefore, help in absorbing the shock. The assumptions are contained in the rules, routines, training, roles, and norms that develop the directions for the performance and interpretation. However, having an expectation of the occurrence that is responsible for the effecting of order and efficiency can undermine reliability, a resilient performance since they support the seeking confirmation, relying on the existing brands, and simplification. Since different people in an organization have different resilient abilities, giving education on the managing the unexpected would play a significant role in the addition of intelligence and experience to workers when faced with challenges (Weick & Sutcliffe, 2011). In this case, they are equipped with the relevant skills to thrive through the challenging environment and cope through amidst the upheavals and tough times. Addition of on skills managing the unexpected in the workplace assists the workers and the organization to set the right attitude and commitment towards being in control of the challenge which when held, the employees have a belief that all is achievable and can be overcome rather than giving up and pulling up from the organization.

The organizations, however, should assess the mindfulness and the available infrastructure to achieve resilience. This can be well achieved through conducting audits facilitated by the administration of unique sets of contextual questions. The information gathered from the response on the subjects is critical in the evaluation and determination of the people's knowledge about the system and the possible failure mode. This can be the best defense towards preventing the surprises that may be caused by the unexpected failure.

Enhancing Resilience in the Workplace

One of the ways increase the resilience in the workplace is through the caring practice relationship (Wilson & Ferch, 2005). Providing the skills in the strength at the workplace is through the caring practice relationship in the conference is essential as there are numerous and rapid organization changes that have been responsible for creating an existence of a liquid state that is accompanied by the harsh environment that may cause a sense of chaos and confusion. Other than the organizations' dynamics, the changing rules relating to management can affect resilience. However, amidst all the changing aspects, the psychology of the humans to respond and adapt to the changes remain constant. The process of creating resilience is a journey that incorporates behavior, thoughts, and action by all stakeholders in an organization. Some ways relate son the practice of relationships that build the resilience at a workplace. Encouraging asocial support and interaction among the workers plays a significant role in making a connection. By supporting teamwork, the employees work together as a family unit, therefore, able to face a challenge together. Similarly, they provide a leaning shoulder to either of the affected members which promotes resilience in the workplace. In this case, it will be evident that they will always be a celebration at each stage of success.

Wilson & Ferch, (2005), argues thatthe management can play a vital role in undermining resilience at work. This can be exhibited by how they treat and react to challenges and failures in the organization. They should not make a drama out of a crisis as this would increase the stress on the employees which would imply that their response to the issue will have a significant impact on the rate of productivity. Instead, all stakeholders in an organization should lean to treat the challenges that develop as a learning process. This helps in the creating of a habit of applying the problems as chances to increase their skills and therefore achieve in overcoming such difficulties in the future.

Resilience at work influences the thriving of the organization. This is through the significance highlighted in the discussed journals. The contents of the journals are significant for the provision of knowledge on the impact of resilience on workplace on the organization's performance. This indicates how the contents of the journals act as a robust elementary tool enriching the conference by outlining how to manage the unexpected occurrences and the way to enhance resilience by encouraging good relationships in the business setting. Furthermore, both journals suggest a conclusion that resilient workers are more engaged in work therefore productive.


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