Paper Sample on Intel's Ethical Challenge: Addressing Human Rights Concerns in the Coltan Supply Chain

Published: 2024-01-02
Paper Sample on Intel's Ethical Challenge: Addressing Human Rights Concerns in the Coltan Supply Chain
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In your opinion, what do you think is the largest challenge that Intel faces regarding Colton?

The biggest challenge faced by Intel Company is the maintenance of its core values through the production of conflict-free products. Intel wants to build a reputation by producing products that do not result in social harm as it had promised its customers that it would produce conflict-free minerals. Intel felt that it would compromise its integrity by purchasing conflicted electronic raw materials. The Company became suspicious that the Coltan they were using as their primary raw material had resulted in the loss of lives and gross violation of human rights of the Congolese who were, major producers. Intel did not want to destroy its corporate image since it is a global company, resulting in a fall in demand for its products. Company CEO Steve Jobs wrote to their Colton suppliers to get credible information about whether they produce conflict-free minerals. The Company did not want to engage in the manufacturing of illegally mined products that violated human rights. Besides, Intel did not want to experience a shortage in the supply of raw materials due to the mining of conflict minerals from their importers.

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How would you "fix this" if your organization relied on a conflict mineral to produce a product?

I would collaborate with other organizations that support mineral provisions. I would encourage fellow companies that use Coltan products to have a united stand in support of the Dodd-Frank War Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act to monitor Coltan's source. I would also opt to import Coltan from alternative countries where there is no production of conflicted Coltan. The sole purpose of a company is to produce high-quality products that do not violate citizens and general consumers' rights. If the company's products have a negative impact on others' lives. I would join the public and private alliances against conflict minerals to continue responsible trade and ensure the companies do not shut down. I would inform my customers of the Coltan miner's and smelters' misconduct and show them my commitment to bringing everything to order and ensuring the manufacturing of free-conflict Coltan products.

Who would you involve?

I would involve government agencies and non-governmental organizations to identify Coltan's primary source to avoid propagating human violence. Government agencies like the U.S. State Department could aid in mapping the supply chain of conflict minerals. I would also send some of my teams who visit the smelters and refiners in cotton mining countries. My teams would educate the miners and the smelters about the hazards of producing conflict minerals. They would also gather information regarding the place of origin of Coltan. I would involve the other companies who are members of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) to develop a solid program that would ensure non-conflict smelter assessment. I would also involve the United Nations and other NGOs because they have reliable data on the groups whose rights are violated. The United Nations will help disclose the abuse of human rights of smelters and miners. An organization such as the Enough Project could help identify the miners' fate, including their safety standards, to help eradicate the abuse of human rights and production of non-conflict raw materials.

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