Paper Example on Origin of Revolutions and Their Fallouts

Published: 2022-12-09
Paper Example on Origin of Revolutions and Their Fallouts
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World civilization II involved developments of different kinds that laid the foundation of the revolutions in North Atlantic. Enlightenment from the European created some new schemes about society and government, comprising the notion that individuals have a right to determine their government form. Eventually, these ideas impacted societies around the globe creating ultimatums that outlined in motion the French, American and Haitian revolutions. Therefore, this paper will focus on the origin and fallout of American, French and Haitian Revolutions.

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Origin of French Revolution

French Revolution originated in 1789 (Dunning,2018), as a result of, significant problems faced by her, lavishing of a monarchal structure under King Louis XVI. He was just a well-meaning but hardly competent leader who would instead renovate clocks than grasp state affairs. Ability to pay debts through raising revenues was hindered by a system of tax that depended on land tax for most of its revenues. Taxation burden fell on the proletariat and bourgeoisie who filled up the Third Estate while the wealthiest two classes were absconded. As a result, this First and Second Estates together managed over country's half land. The Revolution rose to make a change in the tax system even though France was a wealthy country whose prosperous farmlands and prospering businesses envied Europe.

On the contrary, The Third Estate's rulers desired for more authority, therefore, searched for a written constitution that would give assurance for all people to participate in politics. Undoubtedly, this did not work so three days later. Assembly delegates were concealed from their hall meeting by the King's order. This made Assembly delegates cross the street to indoor court tennis and took an oath pledging not to return home until France possessed a written constitution.

It's Fallout

On June 17, 1789, March of the Women sensed Louis XVI's weakness and intimidated physical harm to the royal-hood forcing the king to proceed with his family to Tuileries Paris palace. Most nobles, horrified by such spectacles and annoyed at their status loss, conspired against that revolution from abroad since they had fled the country.

The Assembly revolved first to France's anonymous debt. Moreover, the land was the primary source of France wealth, that is why the Assembly seized all land used by the Catholic Church for their nonreligious purposes. France's debt could be paid through these land auction proceedings and create a class of small of small landowners who would, in turn, have a rod in the reign-forcing new government. Consequently, the economy of French was weakened and this inflicted suffering to the population specifically, the poor people ( Dunning, 2018).

Origin of American Revolution

American colonial revolt took place in 1765-1783, loyal American citizens won independence over Great Britain. For it to become the United States of America, the British were defeated in 1775-1783 in a conflict that spread into a global war that became known as the American Revolutionary War. American colonial society members argued (Dunning,2018), about the no taxation without representation position commencing with the Congress Stamp actin 1765.

Rebellions from various parts in the world had different political goal attainment, although, all seemed to be motivated by the radical philosophies enlightenment. American independence declaration in on the first sovereignty principle, which states that the whole power of the government comes from the general will of people, formulated by Rousseau concept. Patriot leadership wanted political philosophies of republicanism and liberalism to abandon aristocracy and monarchical governance; furthermore, they proclaimed that all men were created with equality colliding with Locke's ideas. American constitution emphasized that governments exist to protect natural citizen rights.

Patriots at the Saratoga Battle successfully captured a British army in October 1777, and the war continued. However, on September 3, 1783, the Paris Treaty was signed officially ending the war and confirmed the new nation's final separation away from the British Empire. The British retained Canada while the United States took nearly Mississippi River east territory possession. Importantly, the revolution's end led to the United States Constitution Creation that established a stable federal government with the inclusion of, executive, national judiciary, and bicameral congress representing the population in House of Representatives and stated in the Senate. The revolution resulted in around 60,000 loyalists migration to various British territories, more especially, Canada (North America's British)( Dunning, 2018).

It's Fallout

Not surprisingly, Amerinds and those who fought on the British side were ruthlessly punished by victors. Additionally, their farms, villages, were deliberately burnt and their families scattered. More-worse, even Amerinds who never fought on the colonist's side were treated too. Original Americans largely dispossessed as more and more white settlers expanded throughout the continent. Diseases drastically diminished and drove them away from their ancestral homes. Eventually, surviving Amerinds were forced to reside on marginal land reservations that were set aside by the United States government for them.

Origin of Haitian Revolution

Haitian Revolution had several conflicts that took place between 1791-1804 which involved the movement of alliances of colonists (Glick,2016), mulattoes, British, French army troops as well as Haitian slaves. Haitian Revolution conflict mainly involved slaves and slave owners. Rival factions tore the country some of which were enforced by Spanish colonists situated in Santo Domingo. May 1791, Revolutionary from the French government granted wealthier affranchise citizenship, but European population in Haiti refused to have compliance with the law.

As a result, isolated fighting broke out within two months between affranchise and Europeans. On the other hand, thousands of slaves in the rebellion rose in August. During the late 1790s, a military, former leader slave known as Tousssaintlouverture acquired control of multiple parts and earned start support of agents from France. Ultimately on Jan. 1, 1804, entire Haiti island gained independence under Arawak meaning Haiti.

It's Fallout

Despite Napoleon reluctantly losing fate for France's colonial empire to the Americas, he built a French Empire in Europe, his powerful French army and exceptional military skills led towards him defeating France's enemies conquering most of the continent. He crowned himself as an emperor in the process. Unfortunately, his ambitions developed beyond his capacity leading to his downfall and end of the empire (Glick, 2016).


In conclusion, although North Atlantic revolutions took place in North America, France and Haiti, repercussions and implications developed far beyond those regions. Through challenging the monarchy, aristocracy, colonialism, and entrenched slavery institutions, they aided in introducing new societal vision anchored on political liberty and social equality ideas.


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