Paper Example on Assessing Data Quality

Published: 2023-04-30
Paper Example on Assessing Data Quality
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I would apply the mission and vision statement by setting a mechanism that would aid the nursing student in clearly understanding and constructing vital patient history. The mission statement of the school should outline how factors such as gender, age, ethnicity, and environmental setting affect the health and the illness of the patient. As a practicum nurse, I would ensure that I tailor my communication techniques based on the factors outlined in the school mission. It would help me in establishing rapport with the patient that I serve and thus facilitates the adequate gathering of the information is needed to assess the patients' health risks. As the school mission, which is to lead and serve, I would take the forefront position in participating to lead the inter-professional care teams in the health center, and this would provide me with enough courage and confidence to tackle my nursing duties in the future. I would also ensure that I took a leadership position to collaborate in care services across the multiple healthcare departments in the health center where I would be attached. As the hospital mission and vision during my practicum, I would engage myself in making rounds to visit patients and administering necessary care. Therefore' I would be able to deal with high pressure and routine elements of the nursing work without influencing patient results.

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As a student taking practicum placement, I would consider the factors such as the academic credit for the practicum I would get awarded the benefit I will get from the health facility where I shall be attached. The practicum placement should help me as a nursing student to develop the quality of caring, creative thinking, handling emotions, and sensitivity of the sick people (Rahimi,2019). It should also help the student to build a strong foundation for developing nursing talent in the future.

In the nursing active learning method that involves learning the process of patient care, it is essential to engage the nurses and the context of the patient's needs. The best strategies of teaching that aids the practicum experience are the role play and the academic method. In the role-playing plan, the nursing students would divide into groups where some students would act as nurses, family members, patients, and others as technicians in a health center. In role-play, the students will be able to learn how to take responsibility in the future and understand the importance of proper between the nurses and the patients.

In an educational strategy, the nursing students engage themselves in a scientific discussion that enables the students to learn and understand the nursing skills, develop reflective and critical decision making required in the health care process at the health facilities. In the practicum process, the academic strategy helps the students to focus on sick people's perspectives and paying more attention to their health needs (Edwards,2020). The scientific discussion employed by the educational approach helps the nursing students to gain insight into nursing and increasing one's self-awareness. Thus the students develop the capacity to pay attention to patients. During the learning process, the students develop more courage as they can discover and improve on their shortcomings. These two strategies are crucial in building the nurses' confidence and capacity to effectively take care of the patients at the health centers in the future. Moreover, the nurses can effectively and efficiently communicate to several departments in the hospitals, which is essential in patients' health care needs.


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