Research Paper on Occupational Hazards

Published: 2023-03-16
Research Paper on Occupational Hazards
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Workers in various organizations are exposed to occupational hazards, which continue to compromise their safety in the workplace. There have been efforts that have been made to ensure the safety of the employees, but there are stills cases of injuries. For instance, there many cases files that get filed in the court with the employees looking for compensation claims from the respective companies. For example, the biggest complaint from the workers in back injuries and also chronic back.

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Ergonomic Hazards

Ergonomic hazards are the risk that is physical, which arise from the working environment, thus causing harm to your muscles system. They lead to back injuries to the employees. The following are how the ergonomic hazard arises:

Manual Handling

It refers to all the activities which you undertake in the line of your duties, which could require the use of the forces either by lifting or pushing something (Abdalla, Apramian, Cantley & Cullen, 2019). For instance, if you are working in a company which deals with boxes and you need to pack them on shelves, then you will need to apply a force, which could cause back injuries.

Highly Competitive Motions

If in the workplace, you are experiencing competitive motion, then it could lead to unexpected injuries more so back in the body due to continuous movement of the body (Abdalla et al., 2019). There is a more engaging workplace, and the employees are always on movement, and this exposed them to this injury.

Poor Working Condition

If you are working under poor working conditions, then you may be a victim of this hazard. For instance, you might not have good posture while working, which could cause a lot of problems to your back, especially while applying some force by either pulling or pushing off.

The Solutions to Ergonomic Hazards

In the organization where the employees get exposed to the ergonomic hazards, they can adopt the following plan and offer key solutions.

With the use of the above pyramid, one can solve the ergonomic hazard in the organization. For instance, the company needs to provide all the employees with personal equipment, which would ensure they have promoted their safety while in the workplace. Employees will reduce contact with the equipment. Also, the company needs to have a new work practice, which would ensure heavy load in the company are lifted by at least two people (Safety and Health Topics, 2019). Finally, the company can resolve the hazard by introducing the engineering controls where they would use the machine, which would help lift heavy loads in the company and reduce the employee contacts with the equipment. If the organization would adopt the above plan, it could reduce the cases of back injuries among the workers and ensure there is a good flow of the work in the company.

Plan to Hinder Biological Exposure

Organic hazard is a highly risky and could cause death among the employees, and the best way employees can do to prevent these hazards. The following are the remedies which could be adopted to avert the biological hazard.

Engineering Controls

It is the most efficient control method which could be used to prevent biological hazard in the organization. It would reduce the exposure of the employees with equipment (Barrett, 2019). For instance, the use of proper ventilation, proper storage in the company, among other materials.

Administrative Controls

It's the second-best defensive which could be adopted by the company to prevent and control the biological hazards. For instance, it would entail having safety procedures followed by the respective employees, which could help reduce the chance of the employees exposed to the biological hazards (Barrett, 2019). It entails having employee education and training and also clear emergency procedures.

Personal Protective Equipment

The employee will be expected to have a guard who could prevent them from the biological hazard. For instance, it would entail the use of lab coats, eye protection, among other protective gear that the organization would use (Barrett, 2019). This control plan should be made available to all the employees in the organization to ensure they have an adequate understanding of the various tips which] could be used in the case of the biological hazard.


Its evident workers get exposed to hazards in the line of their duties. These hazards cannot be eliminated, but the company can adopt preventive measures that could be informed of a control plane for the employees to make good use of it. Through the plan, it would reduce the cases of the back injuries in the organization and also reduces the cases which are filled in the court seeking compensation claims. Every organization should conduct an assessment to identify all the biological hazard which are there in the organization.


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