Reflective Essay Sample on Bowling

Published: 2023-05-01
Reflective Essay Sample on Bowling
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Arguably, among the many sports activities that humans partake, bowling is probably the most popular and oldest. In the United States alone, it is estimated that more than 50 million people participate in this sport annually ("Bowling Health Benefits," 2020). Whilst it is undeniable that most of the college students fancy watching football, basketball, and baseball, the truth of the matter is that once they get out of college, most of them do not participate in these sports ("Bowling Health Benefits," 2020). In contrast, bowling is a sport for young children and senior citizens alike. Reflecting back, bowling offers countless benefits to players, including educational, social, and health benefits.

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Bowling provides countless educational benefits. In the U.S, for instance, there are more than 200 colleges that have included bowling classes in their programs ("Benefits of Bowling, " 2020). These institutions offer scholarships to best bowlers every year, consequently, helping them to become professionals. Annually, the scholarships are estimated to cost around $6 million ("Benefits of Bowling - Kids Learn to Bowl," 2020). One of my friends currently playing in the National Bowling League (NBL) is a beneficiary of these scholarships. Besides, bowling promotes the learning of mathematical skills through calculating scores and figuring averages. In particular, when I joined the bowling class, I found it challenging to keep scores. However, over time, I have learned how to calculate scores, including lane and spare shooting scores. Indeed, this has been central to improving my math skills.

Again, bowling is a social game, and hence it provides an opportunity for people to meet, compete, and learn from each other ("Therapeutic Benefits of Bowling," 2020). According to statistics, there are over 18 million youths that bowl each year. Through this sport, I have interacted with many people from diverse backgrounds. What is more, I have ended up forging new relationships with other people that have influenced my life positively in different niches of life. Bowling has helped me reunite with my old friends, whom we learned together when in elementary school.

Finally, bowling is associated with many health benefits, including body exercises such as warming and stretching up. Health experts recommend for body workout regularly to promote excellent muscle workouts. I must admit that over time, bowling has helped me to burn fats as I have reduced my body weight in the past two years. The exercises have proved to be crucial in helping me have a good physical body shape. Certainly, bowling is a lifelong wellness sports activity.


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