Essay Sample on: Ownership Peculiarities

Published: 2023-08-22
Essay Sample on: Ownership Peculiarities
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The item that took me months to save money to purchase was an iPhone mobile. iPhone was my dream phone, and it took me two months to save money to buy the item from my little savings. There are various qualities that the iPhone has over other phones that attracted me to purchase it. As a student, I will be able to communicate, research, browse, and record all academic-related activities without any challenges. Owning an Android iPhone comes with a lot of pride and excitement. The phone has the latest applications, quality camera designs, a long-lasting battery source, and 4G network system (Ariely 2009). The following qualities give me confidence in using iPhone without fear or worry. There was substantial hard work that I continuously placed in ensuring that I own the iPhone. I used to work in a specific restaurant part-time for 4 hours and a delivery company for around 3 hours. As I was working in these organizations, I used to save a lot of money, so to hit my set target of owning the phone. After leaving school, I would join the restaurant for delivery services, and later in the evening would work in the restaurant. Apart from working, I used to sing in churches and schools and earn a few amounts of money.

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My interest in owning an iPhone began when one of my friends purchased the phone. He used to tell me what he enjoyed while at school and at home. I developed an interest in owning my own iPhone product with the qualities and functions of the phone. Many people own the iPhone; this also motivated me to purchase one. The advertisement everywhere was promoting the iPhone gadget, making me even more interested in buying the item. I would imagine I had already purchased the iPhone also before I bought it. Occasionally, I could admire people who own the iPhone and vision myself purchasing the product. iPhone product has this presentability and uniqueness that draws the attention of its users; this is what I want to fit in this elite class of iPhone owners.

In many events seeing someone using an iPhone, I would visualize myself in the same position. During my free time, I would imagine using my iPhone in browsing, communicating with my friends, researching my school assignments, reading information's from politics, music, and even the latest movies. Generally, I found it harder to remove or use my phone where my friends are; however, I will be able to use my phone without any doubt. I believe that my vision inspired me to buy the iPhone by working harder. Owning the iPhone motivated me to venture into the quality and lucrative products. Going back in time, I would aspire to venture in other essential and profitable products. My love for iPhone has taught me the culture of hard work and diligence in everything I do. When I downgraded to a lesser version of the iPhone, this will demoralize me in purchasing android gadgets. The downgrade action will be more painful and disappointing for me.

More Options, More Problems

According to Ariely's experiment, it is true that a person keeps his doors and options open even this action might hurt them. Generally, human beings tend to take risks and explore different options to be successful in whatever they do. The desire to achieve goals and objectives in life has motivated me to explore my passions. The door experiment states that decision-makers can expand their efforts to restore the future viability of their options (Ariely 2009). Decision-makers, however, are concerned about investing and creating opportunities where there are little chances. The habit of keeping our options open helps us to be resilient on the outcome information and experience in our lives (Ariely 2009).

Keeping our options open has helped us by opening lucrative doors for other ventures; however, it also affects long term goals in life. For instance, I wanted to own my business for a more extended period. This interest made me save and plan for my future business until one day; I saw a commercial advertisement for a lucrative new model car. I then decided to use some of my savings in purchasing this lucrative car. This decision affected my long term-goal starting my business. The option of buying a car was not a suitable plan; this is because I lost most of my long term-savings unnecessary liabilities. This decision made me regret purchasing the vehicle for a long time.

Purchasing the car was not a necessary option; I could walk to my business since it was not far away. However, this option destroyed my plan of starting my business.

The decision I made in purchasing the car made me regret several things in life. The capital used in buying the car could serve as a small start-up business plan. The money could also help in purchasing my mortgage house. When I compare the time and money, I wasted in buying a lucrative car, I could be currently opening other business branches and expanding my products to other markets. The option increases various expenses as I continuously use more money in car service and paying insurance covers. Choosing this option made me miss specific lucrative opportunities, such as registering for my master's course at the best university of choice. I also heard the option of recording my song with the saved capital.

I will apply Ariely's idea by creating options for investing efforts and money by keeping all my options open, whether it is uncertain. All my choices will be viable as I keep them resilient to my plans in hand. However, I will be able to increase my investment by expanding more branches in our market. The door open experiment will assist me in creating more opportunities as others fail along the way (Ariely 2009). While opening more doors, I will also plan, organize, and control my options to expand my operations effectively.

Poll Analysis

The poll I am investigating is whether President Donald Trump's rating has risen to 49% during his few years of governance. The survey was written in "the Washington post" by author Jacob Long on February 6th, 2020. Jacobs states in his article that this poll gave Trump a top rating on his administration policies agenda. According to the poll, this is the highest registered number that a single President has ever recorded over a long period. Jacobs also illustrates that during the Trump administration period, he also registered a lower estimation of about 44% (Milkis & Jacobs, 2017). Now the big question is it true that Trump recorded this higher percentage of rating?. However, various speculations have illustrated that this is political propaganda that he used to cover up the impeachment motion.

Jacob's poll was done to investigate the high approval ratings of President Trump during his end of tenure in the country. According to Jacob, there is differential nonresponse bias that affects the polling results of a particular place (Milkis & Jacobs, 2017). Some shifts affect the polling results rather than the public opinion of the response of the members of the public. Democrats supporters were, however, not interested in taking part in the polling voting. The sample used by Jacob in coming out with these facts is by conducting surveys from different views. He took the review of democrats and republicans on President Trump administration perception, and he concluded his findings (Milkis & Jacobs, 2017). The data also was sampled from studies of various scholars who also illustrated their point of view on Donald Trump ratings during his administration.

The big question is whether Trump is getting more popular according to the resent polls?. The question analyzed how Trump recorded a high result and whether it is true he deserved that higher polling data from his term of service. However, this question opens furthermore information about whether the information is accurate or lies. The second question is whether the poll was done in a differential nonresponse bias nature? There is a high belief that democrats did not overwhelmingly participate in the pollster activity compared to the Republican supporters (Milkis & Jacobs, 2017). The author constructed a factual question that did not illustrate any form of biasness during its creation. Some of the bad wordings include discrimination, stupid, ignorance, slant, ply, and dispassionate.

The Washington poll on Trump's approval rating draws the validity by addressing the truth and transparency on matters concerning public interest. The author stated that the pool should enhance fairness by providing the results that represent all the American citizens in society (Milkis & Jacobs, 2017). The author categorically illustrated that both the democrats and republican citizens should be treated in a fair and equal in their expression rights. Jacob stated that as a leader, he should be concerned with the opinions of the whole society rather than focusing on a minor issue. The sampling method used by the author displays the face of the members of the public opinion of useful and essential governance. This is because the author took a survey from both the democrats and republicans in the country. The questions asked about portrays honesty and accuracy answers in society.

Statistics the Breakfast of Champions

There are a lot of challenges that affect students' performance in school. Most of the teachers and parents continue criticizing their children from not working hard. However, what the students consume also determines their intellectual capability. With all this factor in hand, I took a research data on the student eating and performance standards in the college. After learning from Wheelan, I carried some hypothesis testing to justify whether a diet contributes to the institution's excellent performance.

My hypothesis stated that students who eat Wheaties for breakfast record higher grades than students who do not eat Wheaties cereals. The best Wheaties a given student eats helps in improving their grades in the school (Francis 2014). The test was carried out by selecting one of the students who take Wheaties cereals for breakfast and a student who do not take Wheaties. They were continuously monitored both from their performance and conduct in the institution. Both of the students were given exam tests with the same question and time duration. Later the exams were marked and recorded on the performance of the students. The student who eats Wheaties for breakfast recorded a higher result of 90%, and the other student recorded 70% (Francis 2014).

The other test was co-curricular activity; the two students took part in different games such as football, basketball, athletics, and volleyball. The result of the test showed that both of the students performed equally the same. However, a student who takes Wheaties was more reliable and more vibrant compared to another student. This was actually because of the energy and strength that the student obtained from the meal. The student taking Wheaties also was fast and high agility compared to the other student. The following statistics illustrated a top finding on the academic and co-curricular activities of both of the students. The Wheaties contain components that help the students to develop higher Intelligent Quotients (Francis 2014). Therefore, parents and teachers should encourage their students to continuously consume the Wheaties product without hesitating. There is a need to introduce Wheaties cereals to most colleges that allow all the students to consume the products every morning. Parents also should let their children eat Wheaties while at home.


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