The Presentation Sample for the Course Visual Communication

Published: 2022-09-05
The Presentation Sample for the Course Visual Communication
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With the growing use of social media platforms and websites to advertise products and services, the aim is to capture the interest of the customer through the proper choice of infographics. Therefore the selection of text and images is crucial to the success of the advertisement. Use of different visual text communication elements is vital to creating an effective presentation. Brands have taken up the use of images and text as part of advertising strategy by using captions that match the pictures uploaded.

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Palmolive ad which is a soap advert is an excellent example of how text and graphics can be combined to create a memorable and catchy ad. The combination of contrasting images with different fonts color background speaks to the target audience (Greif, 2017 p.24). The Palmolive ad features two copies of a woman in a work environment and a nice dinner outfit. What stands out is the glamor look she has after a long day in the office. The office image is in black and white which is dull; however, the other image is bright and colorful. The use of text on top of the ad explains the work picture and improves the interpretation of the ad. The second pictures of the Palmolive soap adjacent to the bright picture display to the effects of the soap and the results of using it. The stars at the background of the image add a sparkling look to the dinner outfit image. The impression is that also you may have a hard day at work; a bath with the Palmolive oil will rejuvenate your glow and bring out the beauty in you.

Technicalizing the Impressions

The slogans on the cover depicted using different font's style on white background facilities the understanding of the images (Lester, 2013 p.273). The uniform bright fonts elevate the visual perception of the cover and wrap the cover style to form full ad with the Interpersonal resources deployed in the cover work to enhance the appeal of the ad to the clients. The slogans placement at strategic places represents a dynamic overview of the ad creating a buzz that triggers an interest to find out more about the soap. The position of the woman, who is the center focus of the ad, is supportive of the transformation effects of the soap. Brands today focus so much on minimizing wording and including crucial slogans to match the graphics in use (Forceville, 2017 p. 27).

Intersemiosis and Foregrounding

The Palmolive ad has used the concepts of foregrounding and intersemosis to create a well-contrasted ad. The top and bottom splits are integrated with different font styles and images which are all linked to the woman in the picture. The placement of the soap adjacent to the vibrant woman forms the needed contrast of the ad. The dripping oil which is placed above the soap translates the result of unwrapped bar creates the second meaning. The reading path generally easy to follow and the words at the bottom of the ad forming the final advertisement message (Forceville, 2017 p.32). The combination of these elements makes the ad more visually realistic and informative (Greif, 2017 p.62).

Connection to the Context

While interests and foregrounding contribute to the overall understanding of the content available in a presentation, we must consider the relevance of the text to the content it represents (Lester, 2013 p.277). The text in the ad is positioned at different places and is meant to have a different explanation. The first slogan duty day for duty connects to the image and displays the lady at her workplace. The night for beauty slogan connects to the glamorous appearance of the woman and positions her as a pillar of strength and beauty. The text relates to the image by bringing out a more profound explanation to the ad and facilitates the ease of understanding. However, the slogan at the bottom of the ad which reads Palmolive soap for that schoolgirl complexion is in contradiction with the intent of the ad. Beauty is associated with the young, but the middle words show a woman who is the age of dating. The visual and textual concepts are contradicted for this piece of text. Brands advertisement should focus on linking words to images and provide a final analysis of expected results of the ad. The modern-day ad is focused on less textual material and high graphical inclusion (Greif, 2017 p.149).


The Palmolive ad has combined the different concepts of visual communication and brings out the real and lofty intentions of the ad. Visual communication creates an enabling environment for advertisement while enabling a semiotic environment for communication. One can interpret contents by seeing, but the inclusion of text brings out a better understanding (Forceville, 2017 p.38).


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