Consumer Behavior for a New Laptop. Free Essay Example

Published: 2023-02-14
Consumer Behavior for a New Laptop. Free Essay Example
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Nowadays, electronic devices such as phones, computers, and laptops are of great significance whether I am operating from home, school or office. This is because it provides significant help to me which simplifies and creates efficiency in my life. In contemporary society, one of the most used electronic devices is a laptop. This came from the evolution of computers, but the preference for laptops came in because it is handier and also compatible. Therefore the use of computers has been overpowered by laptops which I consider it buying as part of my electronics (Kotler 3).

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There are various factors that makes a laptop relevant to me especially in my personal duties. One of the factors is that it acts as a store for me where I keep my files without any worry that they may get lost. Laptop especially when it comes to education, it enables, e to be organized. This is because with it I can effectively take notes, write essays, do more research as well as doing reports from one given locality. To me, typing notes on a laptop is what I consider to be quicker than hand-copying hence allows me to keep more for studies and also future references. Besides, when it comes to my place of work, laptop allows me to access my work documents and hence stay in touch through video chat and email, and it is only the laptop which can offer the best way to have the files, data, and software on hand.

The aspects like knowledge or experience, age as well as money can have a significant influence on my ability to process its marketing information and purchase it. These are what I can consider as personal factors. With age, the consumer (me) purchase options as well as the motive of purchase is likely to change, with my decision of buying the laptop change. Besides, the knowledge and experience that I have towards the product creates an above-average interest in the purchase of the laptop and also the services that I offer to my organization where I work. Learning together with experience play a critical role in influencing my behavior towards the purchase of the product. Finally, with regards to money, my ability to buy a new laptop is proportional to the stability of my economic situation. All of these factors are much likely to influence my decision of purchasing the new laptop.

The consumer opportunity factors of time, distractions well as information can affect my decision towards the purchase of the laptop. The aspect of time mainly impacts the processing of information. It is important to note that the consumers, when under time constrain, are likely to engage in limited information processing. For distraction, it is any aspect of the processing situation likely to divert my attention as the laptop's consumer from processing a given message (Kotler 7). A direct distraction is when I engage in talking while viewing the product.

Also, if the information of the product becomes more complex, there are high chances for the reduction of my ability to process and purchase it. In addition, my motivation to buy the laptop is intensified if the model I am to buy is likely to assist me attain my goals and also the needs as the consumer. Therefore the key factors that would influence my opportunity are lack of time, distraction, send the amount, information control as well as complexity.

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