The Overall Effectiveness of a Coalition - Free Essay

Published: 2023-09-14
The Overall Effectiveness of a Coalition - Free Essay
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Building guiding teams and vision setting within an organization are some of the key aspects that result in the realization of goals. Certainly, realizing the organization's growth and development in particular, it is important to consider the qualities of a candidate that can result in coalition at the workplace. It is noteworthy that an effective coalition is an important aspect that reduces potential setbacks within an organization. One of the most critical characteristics of potential candidates joining the coalition is a shared purpose and vision (Burke, 2017). Specifically, as long as coalition members focus on the core values and messages of the coalition, they can quickly adapt approaches that can result in the organization's general growth.

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Evaluating candidates for the overall effectiveness of a coalition must involve monitoring and evaluating their skills, efficiency, and commitment. In this sense, an effective coalition documents skills of the candidates and impediments to participation. Nevertheless, the coalition recognizes the assets that candidates can present, thus making it possible for the coalition to have appropriate information that can be used in making strategic decisions, including leveraging members' strengths and capabilities (Bate, 2010). By considering the indicators such as membership commitment levels and contributed resources enables leaders to gauge the strength of the team. It should be noted that such accountability is attributed to the shared expectations and individual commitments within an organization.

One of the main areas of interest in candidates is their high-level administrative support for the executive. Such a candidate can never fail to stand with the organization even during challenging moments. Apart from such support, the organization member can also provide assistance to propel the organization towards success, such as marketing research.

Arguably, the right candidate for the coalition should understand to be part of the team and other employees in general. Failure to recognize the importance of a unified coalition, the member is likely to undermine the growth of the organization, which significantly relies on teamwork. Therefore, the candidates must demonstrate and maintain working relationships with other team members at all corporate levels. Nonetheless, members of a team who see themselves as partners to their colleagues are likely to improve their skills and advance on the job. As a result, such collaboration within the organization profoundly paves the way for the accomplishment of mutual goals. In the successful working relationships, the member of coalition sees accomplishments as joint efforts.

Having proactive candidates for an organization is one of the best strategies in achieving the goals. It is appropriate for the team members to demonstrate a high level of initiatives when it comes to the organization's overall progress. And thus, individuals with no initiative at hand cannot achieve their potential and creativity (Cummings et al., 2014). . For this reason, it is essential to have members who are capable of showing some initiative. It is challenging for individuals with no initiative to fulfill their potential. In this case, they are likely not to care about their work, thus lacking development within the organization. When individuals think and act for themselves, the team can realize significant prowess.

The Vision Diagnostic

Getting the vision right Strongly disagree (1) Strongly agree(6) Do not know

As a member of this organization, I,,,, Understand the vision that we are driving toward Can explain the vision in five minute or less Can describe the behaviors that our leaders want to witness more often. Understand how the vision affects my job. Feel that the projects that are inconsistent with the new vision have been, or will be, terminated. Am motivated by the vision. Believe that achieving our vision will make us a better business. Can describe the behaviors that our leaders want to witness less often. Feel that the vision is flexible that it can be changed in light of changing market conditions or feedback from employees. Believe that our vision is feasible. Think that our vision takes into consideration our organization, the market environment and competitive trends. See others trying to act more in line with the behavior implied by the vision. Believe that the vision is backed by sensible actions toward achieving our vision. Understand how these actions will help us achieve our vision. Believe that our organization has the skills necessary to achieve the vision. Vision is the main aspect for any organization to realize and achieve goals. In this sense, having a vision statement provides a suitable platform for the organizations to take appropriate steps towards success. Undoubtedly, I like the vision of British Airlines because it focuses on strategies that look to the future of the organization. Thus, the vision provided direction that can be taken by the organization. The company's mission and vision statements help direct the organizational strategy Cohen, D.S., Kotter, J.P. (2005). By providing purpose and goals, the organization can develop a more step-by-step approach that helps it to achieve its mission in the short term and its vision in the long term.

The vision is affecting my job within the organization because it provides unanimity of purpose to thus bringing a sense of belonging and identity. In this context, vision is the embodiment of organizational identity. The vision spells out the context in which the business operates and provides measures to be followed by employees (Alvesson et al., 2015). Because it defines the reason for the organization's existence, it gives the direction in which the organization must follow to actualize the goals.

In my opinion, I support the vision of the organization because it provides strategies meant to achieve goals. Besides, the vision applies to external stakeholders, such as partners and customers. Therefore, it is a public-relations tool that facilitates business partnerships with like-minded organizations. The vision of the business serves as focal points for employees to identify themselves with the organizational processes and to give them the right direction to take (Gioia et al, 2013). Creative and innovative individuals can spark new ideas within the organization. And thus, business with free thinkers can generate new ideas culminating in the company's success. Furthermore, it should deter individuals who do not wish to follow the vision, such as not participating in the organization’s activities.

Reflection Section

The readings and discussion in module 3 have affected my view regarding the role of the HR in the CM process in the British Airlines. The readings argue that Human resource plays a vital role in the success of CM coalition in many ways (Burke, 2017). In this case, HR is involved in employment, training employees, and developing policies related to the workplace. Besides, HR facilitates the development and changing the culture of an organization. Within the organization, HR also strengthens the employer-employee relationship, thus boosting teamwork. By formulating the workforce strategy and identifying appropriate functional processes, Human resources contribute to realizing the organizational goals.


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