Essay Sample on Organizational Behavior and Work

Published: 2019-12-06
Essay Sample on Organizational Behavior and Work
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Workplace diversity provides a platform for employees from different backgrounds and experiences to work together. Benefits of workplace diversity are an increase in productivity, increased in creativity, enhancement of communication skills and a positive reputation on the company. Despite the advantages of workplace diversity, there are challenges affecting managers and employees. Therefore, to rip maximum benefits, the managers need to understand the challenges and decide how to deal with the problems effectively. The diversity in the workplace, therefore, has great influence on communication to be used because communication should be all be inclusive.

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Communication diversity requires that corporate managers and entrepreneurs develop their unique way of communicating with customers, suppliers, and business partners. It is a requirement that managers study the diversity in culture and ethnicities in their organization so as to make such changes. An excellent example is that of the Chinese people; a firm handshake is not a good gesture, but a slight bow with a smile is considered an appropriate way of greeting. Accordingly, diversity also requires proper body language during communication because what could be an innocent gesture or mannerism to one person, could not be well taken by the other or could be offensive to someone else. Therefore, diversity affects the form of communication in that managers adopts different communication skills of the various cultural settings.

My manager once persuaded me to take up duty on behalf of my colleague who was absent. The use of the word kindly from the manager is what persuaded me to heed to the request. The request was coupled with clear communication in regards to what they wanted from me. Also, the eye contact with a smile was able to change my attitude. Initially, I was rigid, and I was not willing to work extra time so as to cover up for the absent colleague. The manager in charge approached me in a respectful and friendly way. The approach was more cooperative than a command. Therefore, I found it easier to accept the request. The smile from the manager created a true situation that compelled me to offer my assistance.

Being fired as an employee can be very stressful. On the part of the employee, it could feel like a failure for not meeting the requirements of the job. On the part of the employer, it could feel like a failure for not meeting the requirements when hiring. When the company opts to fire me, I would prefer if it is done verbally, and in a place where I would be comfortable with it. Such meetings should also be confidential without the knowledge of third parties. This way I would also be able to recollect my thoughts once the news is broken to me. I would love the employer to tell me the news while being empathic and not mean. I would like to be told only the truth regarding the reasons for my termination and perhaps my compensation plan. I would also appreciate if all the questions I will have in regards to the termination will be answered satisfactorily, to avoid any back and forth questions after the termination meeting.

I agree with the video on A Fun Guide to Non- Verbal Communication. In the video, the narrator tells the audience about things which increase confidence while communicating and the Dos and Donts. According to the narrator, gestures mean a lot; a good handshake says a lot about a person. He suggests that one should always stand on the left side when greeting others. During a handshake, one should avoid being a weakling or being a bone crusher. The narrator also suggests that looking at a person in their eyeball and avoiding looking around, is an excellent non-verbal communication. According to the narrator also, the body movements matter a lot, and one should avoid body movements. Accordingly, too bright clothes are not suitable to wear for an interview. To add to what the narrator said then, my suggestion is that individuals should avoid too many hand gestures and maintain a good posture while standing or seated during an address to an audience.

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