Free Essay on Personal Education Experience

Published: 2019-05-28
Free Essay on Personal Education Experience
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I was born in Turin; a rural town in northern Italy where I was raised up by my two parents in what they believed was the best neighborhood on earth. We had a few neighbors who mostly were farmers and veterinary doctors. My Dad always reminded me that I had to be a doctor and move to the big city or one of the major towns in the country. I worked really hard at school and scored got good grades. After finishing my high school education, my father had already taken the pleasure of sending an application letter to Trento University, in Venice. After about two weeks, I went to the mailbox and got this huge yellow envelope which seemed heavier than the rest and had my names apparently typed on it. As I stared at it my whole body quivered sending chills down my spine. At this time I was sweating profusely like a leaking tap.

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I sat down and examined the whole envelope but it was sealed and at one of the edges it had Trento university logo etched on it. I kept on praying that this would not be an admission letter to school of medicine at Trento University. I gathered up courage and headed straight home still confused on what to do. As I approached the door to our house, my father must have seen me from a far distance and shouted my name out with such an embarrassing loudness that he scared me so much, I nearly swallowed my tongue. I walked straight to him with my head bowed down trying to hide the huge envelop behind my back. Unfortunately, this silly trick did not work on him and he demanded that he needed to see the huge envelope at once. After I had handed it over to him, his face lit up with what seemed to be the broadest smile I had ever seen on him before. He hurriedly opened up the envelope and his eyes were glued on a blue piece of paper with a letter on it. He scanned the letter with his eyes as if he was specifically looking for something specific on that particular letter. Tears welled up in his eyes then spilled down his chubby cheeks forming little canyons.

All this time I was in a very awkward situation as I just stood there wondering what to do. Finally my father decided that it was time to speak. He just said that he was going to call for a celebration like a family. I curiously asked him what the celebration was all about and he just said Its for you son. You have been accepted at Trento University, school of medicine and health sciences. These words caused me to be paralyzed temporarily making my legs shake like a frightened chameleon on a frail twig. I knew very well in my heart that I never liked anything to do with medicine and I have always wanted to become an engineer. I had tried to explain this to my dad several times but he always assumed I was speaking Chinese as he ignored every single word I said as if it was nothing.

Soon, evening came and he declared that we were going to have a small conversation together and a family party to celebrate my victory. I agreed reluctantly and went to my bedroom, took a shower in my private bathroom and hurriedly wore my best outfits that I looked entirely new. After dressing up, I went to our modern well-arranged living room and sat on our brand new mahogany dining table. My mother offered me a glass of milk which I took in just a flash as I was famished. In less than ten minutes, my dad was calling us. We all boarded our small car and my dad drove to a small recreation facility in the town. It was everybodys favorite as it was the only one in the town.

After alighting the car, there was a lot of activities around with some people pitching some tents, others preparing a barbeque. I could nearly see everyone I knew in that town. Curiosity got the better hold of me and I decided to ask around what was going on. To my utter surprise, everyone had just one annoying answer. Its your day boy I kept on asking myself in my mind I thought my dad wanted a small conversation and not a convention? Soon it was dark and my dad graciously started the partying giving me a lot of praises here and there.

After the party, I was tired and sore so on going back home I slept almost immediately. Soon time to report to school came and I joined the school of medicine. In my new class, I barely knew anyone at all. I was given a Japanese roommate at the hostels which seemed like a bad idea because at that time we barely talked to each other although he turned out to be my best friend later on. The introductory were particularly interesting and enjoyable although little did I know that things were not to stay that way for so long. The classes started getting a little tougher every single day. I thought I was the only one struggling with the classes but to my utter surprise, everyone else was struggling just as much as I did.

I thought I would just pretend to like it and maybe I would end up loving medicine, but it turned out to be the exact opposite. I was born to be an engineer and thats it. All my classes were long, boring and most of all, very difficult for me to understand anything that the lecturers were teaching. To keep my grades in check, I had to sacrifice my time, my leisure and my weekends just to study to make sure that I got good grades upon graduation.

To this day, I believe that medicine is the hardest thing that I have ever studied in my entire life and wish I would just convince my father to be an engineer instead of a doctor.

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