Essay Example. Orange and Bergamont Company Presentation

Published: 2023-11-03
Essay Example. Orange and Bergamont Company Presentation
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Orange and Bergamot is a creative agency mostly for women. It mostly deals with digital branding marketing, especially for women founders. The main purpose is to empower women in matters of branding. When discussing the facts about O & B, we need to establish the claims and provide enough evidence. For example when we say that O & B was founded in 2016 and has been functioning for 17 years providing the services of branding and websites (ORANGE & BERGAMONT); there is a need to provide the right evidence, by asking the right questions and looking at the factual claims.

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One of the questions one has to ask himself or herself is, for instance, what is the proof? The evidence? For one to be sure of the provided information, there must be proof somewhere that supports the information provided. Since there is supporting evidence from the internet, we can choose to believe; it is good supporting evidence that the information at hand can be authenticated or is legitimate.

Secondly, discussing the services provided by the O & B organization. They provide the best services on digital branding provided online. Some of the services they provide include photography, copywriting, hosting, and marketing. When referring to the book “Asking the Right Questions” (Browne and Stuart 99), testimonial evidence supports the evidence; this is according to individuals who have had an encounter or had a chance to operate with O & B. For example, since testimonials come from people who are trusted due to the human factor, it is evident that the information provided above can be true. Additionally, customers of O & B customers have positive information on company O & B, which is evidence that the company is a good one, according to the comments they give.

Moreover, in asking the right questions, one gets accurate answers. Institutions may also be used as evidence. For instance, in the book “Asking the Right Questions” when using the institution as evidence, most rely on his or her feelings about something, common sense, or rather the guts (Browne and Stuart 96). For example, when we talk about the fear that the clients might have for their brands, we talk about the feeling the clients have or the guts; that feeling will help them in making good decisions, we encourage them to be optimistic in the decisions they might make. Since O & B is a good branding company for them to market and perform their branding, it is a good platform for branding or marketing.

Also, case examples can be used to support the information provided, and it can be used as evidence. The agency O & B provides services like web design and development, partnership development, and marketing analytics, which is evident from the O & B website (ORANGE and BERGAMOT). Like the clients are also given “brand personality questions” is evidence of case examples to ensure the clients get quality services. The online personality quiz helps clients choose the best statement, Case examples, help clients choose a statement that best suits their brands. According to the book, the case examples are a piece of good evidence for the clients, “Asking the Right Questions.

Again, there is the use of authority as evidence. Relevant authorities can also be used as evidence of authenticity. For example, when referring to the book “Asking the Right Questions” (Browne and Stuart 101), information from authorities can also be authentic. For example, when talking about metric research and graphic design and the company's strengths like creativity, we talk like an authority talking about things done by the authority. When a person in authority gives a piece of information, it is treated as an authentic message. Mostly few people will consider the information fake; in most cases, it is treated as legit information.

In sum, when conveying any information like the one conveyed above, for someone to accept the information, it is important to consider asking critical questions. For example, how good is the evidence is it institutional, case examples, or personal experience? Appeals to authority or testimonials. It is prudent that one considers asking the appropriate questions before executing any information or idea provided by any other individual.

On balance, before executing any of the above-provided ideas like knowing the brand, joining the O & B branding, and getting started by launching one own brand, it is good that one gets to ask the right questions. Some of the questions one needs to ask himself or herself are like why do you believe that? Where is the evidence? What is your proof? (Brownie and Stuart 93). Before one decides to do something, they must be careful and think critically before any decision is made. Critical thinking while asking relevant questions, help in making the best decisions and so it is necessary to do so.

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ORANGE & BERGAMOT, ‘A creative agency for female founders’.Branding digital marketing and more for female founders. Neil Browne and Stuart M. Keely. “Asking the Right Questions” (93-101).


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