Essay Example Discussing the Issues in Tech Integration (Privacy)

Published: 2022-05-24
Essay Example Discussing the Issues in Tech Integration (Privacy)
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A).The instructional setting, audience and content area is in healthcare. The issue of confidentially of personal information has become a critical issue in healthcare sectors. There have been cases where patient's records have been linked due to the technological integration of systems. Some health insurance companies tend to avoid providing insurance cover to those patients who have been suffering critical terminal illness, and hence the issue of technological integration has exposed such patients to the risk of rejection by insurance companies (Clifton et al, 2004). If such patients withheld some of their health information so that they can get medical cover at a lower premium such health insurance companies tries to get detail information about patient's health and history from the hospital database.

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B). The two ethical reasons for maintaining information confidentiality include; it's a way of upholding and adhering to a professional code of conduct, secondly, it is immoral and contrary to acceptable moral conduct to link other persons confidential information to the third parties.

C). The two reasons for maintaining the confidentiality of records in the online environment include increasing trust and confidence of patients with their physicians such that patients can be willing to share sensitive information which could consequently help towards improving patients care. Secondly, to avoid the stigma that patients may face in their private health information is linked to third parties. According to HIPAA act 1977, institutions should have policies and procedures to protect patients information including the information transmitted electronically via computers and internet (Senor, Fernandez-Aleman, & Toval, 2012).

D). Based on the interview that I conducted with the hospital administrator, they informed me that the kind of information that is maintained include patient personal identification including date of birth, age, place of birth postal address and their occupation, the administrator further informed me that they maintain patients health records and medical history. The person whom I interviewed was hospital administrator his roles include budgeting, planning, recruitment staffing and ensuring that there is smooth running of the hospital (Senor, Fernandez-Aleman, & Toval, 2012). Patient's health records are maintained in the hospital database such that it becomes easy for the retrieval both medical doctors and nurses. Over the recent items patients, information health records have been maintained in the cloud database which has made it easy to access them.


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Senor, I. C., Fernandez-Aleman, J. L., & Toval, A. (2012). Are personal health records safe? A review of free web-accessible personal health record privacy policies. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 14(4).

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